Splankna Demo

Schedule a Splankna demo party for yourself and up to 10 friends to learn more about Splankna and see it in action. You’ll learn about the theory and theology behind Splankna, see a sample session, and get a personalized mini-session for each attendee to experience Splankna for themselves.

splankna demo

Demo parties are subject to Leah’s availability and are free for parties held inside the Atlanta perimeter. Parties held outside the perimeter have a small travel fee based on distance. Each demo party lasts two hours with the first hour devoted to introduction to Splankna and a sample session, and the second hour devoted to individual mini-sessions with each attendee while other attendees are able to socialize with one another. More information about Splankna can be found at the Splankna Therapy Institute’s website.

To request a demo party fill out the form below and I will get back to you within one business day.


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