Healthy & Whole Supply List

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Healthy and whole supply list

This Healthy and Whole supply list is a guideline more than a rulebook. While you will need each item on the list to complete the 60 day wellness challenge it doesn’t have to be any particular version of the item. If you already own something on the list, great! You already are one step closer to being ready for the 60 challenge! The Amazon links are examples of what you need and are products I recommend.

The Must Haves:

Healthy & Whole: 60 Days to Complete Wellness by Leah Lesesne

Water bottle with ounces marked on it
It doesn’t have to be a nalgene bottle, but you do want to be able to track how much water you are drinking

Dry Brush
Natural bristles and a long handle for reaching your back are important features

Once daily are most likely to be taken consistently. Food based vitamins are best, also look for organic and non-GMO

Cod Liver Oil
If you refrigerate the capsules there isn’t a fishy taste or after taste when you take them

Look for one that needs to be refrigerated, is non-GMO, and has at least 2 billion of each probiotic strain it contains

Detox Tea
Look for teas that support liver and kidney function. Yogi brand Peach Detox and Traditional Medicinal’s Everyday Detox are my favorite widely available, K-Teas System Support is my favorite loose-leaf available online. Don’t buy the Yogi or Traditional Medicinal’s on amazon though because they are super expensive on there. You can find both brands at your local grocery store

There is some space in the book to journal out some questions and keep your logs, but you will probably want to have more journaling space for devotions.


The Helpful to Haves (Not necessary for the challenge):

Healthy & Whole App
Track your logs on the go with the app made especially for Healthy & Whole





Coloring Book
Great mental relaxer and way to stay focused while praying

Does the work for you of tracking your activity levels. The Fitbit One is my favorite model because it tracks steps, flights of stairs, and sleep

Enzyme Supplements
Even with a good diet, we often do not get the enzymes our bodies need to absorb nutrients and digest our food. Enzyme supplements can aid in this process when taken with meals




How Forgiveness Sets us Free
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