Top 10 Holistic Health Netflix Picks

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Trying to find some good Netflix and chill? Wanting to watch something that will actually help you live healthy and free? Try one of these from our top 10 holistic health Netflix picks to nourish your body-mind-spirit. (All instant watch of course, who requests DVDs anymore?)

hungryforchangeDocumentary: Hungry for Change (2012)

Even if documentaries aren’t typically your “thing”, this one is really worth watching. Hungry for Change does an excellent job of presenting the problems with the Modern American Diet (MAD), why diets aren’t working, and the changes we can make that actually will lead to the health from the inside out that we are looking for. Another great documentary that is referenced in Hungry for Change (and is also on Netlix instant watch) is Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The main guy from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead provides some really great testimony in Hungry for Change and you can see the whole story of his transformation in Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.


CookedSeries: Cooked (2016)

If you don’t already love Michael Pollan, you will after watching Cooked. Based on his book by the same name, this 4 episode series explores the roots of how and why we cook food and what it means for our nutrition. Watching this series will change the way you thinking about preparing food and hopefully inspire you to cherish the process of cooking. If you need even more Michael Pollan in your life, check out our top ten food rules taken from his list of 64 rules.



Spiritual: Father of Lights (2012)

Go ahead and just search “Darren Wilson” in Netflix and add all his films to your list. All of his films lead by the idea of just following the prompts of the Holy Spirit and filming whatever God wants to show him. Miracles, healings, and just general revelation of God being better than we think He is are central to all of Darren’s films. Father of Lights is the third film he made but our favorite to start with. The films do not need to be watched in order to make sense.


arrangedRomance: Arranged (2007)

How about a good romance story without all the sex and nudity? This movie paints the beautiful story of two young teachers who meet through work and find friendship around the bond of each going through the arranged marriage process in their respective cultures. The movie does an excellent job of showing the beauty and romance that arranged marriages can have while also showing the richness of both Jewish and Muslim culture. A major feel good movie that may even change your perspective on arranged marriage and love stories in general.


kiterunnerDrama: The Kite Runner (2008)

Based on the book of the same name by Khaled Hosseini, this film tells the story of a young Afghan boy who grows up as the Taliban takes control in Afghanistan. As in all Hosseini’s works the film beautifully shows the richness of the Afghan culture and people before the Taliban took control. Major themes of the film are friendship, guilt, and redemption as Amir deals with the the ramifications of not intervening when his friend Hassan is attacked.


AnjelahJohnsonComedy: Anjelah Johnson, Not Fancy (2015)

Laughter is ridiculously good for our body-mind spirit! If you can watch this standup routine by Anjelah Johnson without almost peeing yourself with laughter then you definitely need more humor in your life! You may remember Anjelah from the nail salon standup sketch she did years ago or from her role as Bon Qui Qui on Mad TV. If she doesn’t float your comedic boat, be sure to find someone who does! You need to laugh!


fixerupperDIY: Fixer Upper (2014-2016)

There is something about before and after reveals that just excites something in our souls. Fixer Upper is full of such reveals and full of great wholesome laughter at Chip and Joanna throughout the show. Get a good does of the aforementioned all important laughter while getting some great home decor ideas. We love how the Gaines emphasize simplicity and having your home be a place  of openness and rest. (And Joanna puts a plant in almost every room)


physicianAction: The Physician (2013)

The introduction text to this movie says it all, “In the Dark Ages, the art of healing developed in the Roman era has been widely forgotten in Europe. There are no doctors, no hospitals, only traveling barbers with poor knowledge. At the same time on the other side of world, medical science is prospering.” Sound a little familiar to what it’s like working with physicians now that don’t seem to have the slightest clue about actual healing rather than just treating symptoms?


magicschoolbusChildren  Family: The Magic School Bus (1994-1997)

One of the best ways to get kids engaged with a holistic lifestyle is teaching them basic scientific principles. When kids ask good questions and know how to think scientifically the holistic answers seem obvious to them. We of course endorse this kid friendly choice for kids of all ages; what millennial hasn’t learned some science from Ms. Frizzle?



fairchaseFitness: Fair Chase (2015)

Remember hearing about the book Born to Run? Well the guys in this film decided to test it out. 10 ultra distance runners go on a hunt in New Mexico to see if they can run down antelope. While the idea of hunting via running may be controversial, the idea of humans being designed for long distance running will have you grabbing your running shoes and heading for the trail. And while we are talking about fitness, you may have noticed that Netflix doesn’t have a workout or fitness category. Unfortunately they removed all such films a few years ago due to licensing issues. For some great yoga and pilates workout videos check out youtube. Here’s a favorite of ours.

Looking for something to watch on Netflix? Check out these top 10 picks

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