My Choice for Non-MLM Essential Oils

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My brand of choice for non-mlm essential oils

Today I’m sharing my company of choice for non-MLM essential oils (MLM=multi-level marketing). I know MLMs are a touchy subject and I really do understand that for many people MLM companies have been what helped them build a business and get out of debt, be able to stay home with the kids, travel, etc. I in no way want to criticize the wonderful hard working women that promote MLMs. If being a sales rep for an MLM is working for you, awesome. You do you.

Unfortunately a few bad egg MLM reps have given the awesome reps out there a bad name. For many, MLM has become a nasty four-letter word that has led to debt, empty promises, ruined friendships, and generally an uneasy feeling about the products they sell.

If you aren’t interested in building an oils business or you’ve given up on essential oils because you got fed up with the companies not with the products, then I have good news for you. MLM essential oil companies are not the only options out there.

My non-MLM Essential Oils Journey

I was introduced to essential oils through one of the big MLMs. I’m super grateful for how the MLM companies do a great job of spreading awareness about essential oils as a health option. Love them or hate them, the big MLMs have made essential oils mainstream instead of just a weird alternative therapy.

While I loved the products, I wasn’t really interested in building an essential oils business and even with the wholesale discount I struggled with how high the prices were. I wanted high quality essential oils, free shipping, and prices I could actually afford.

So I went on a search for the best non-MLM essential oil company. I found a lot of great companies during my search (Mountain Rose Herbs and Plant Therapy to name a few) but ultimately the company I fell in love with is Edens Garden. Here’s why they captured my oil loving heart:

7 Reasons I love Edens Garden

  1. Met all my concerns for quality (native sourcing, organic/non-gmo, 3rd party testing, therapeutic grade)
  2. Free shipping on all orders (real free shipping, not we’ll reimburse you with store credit free shipping)
  3. All their oils are available in 5, 10, 30, 100, 250ml bottles so I can get as much or as little as I need
  4. Synergy blends that replace the MLM ones I was using
  5. Awesome customer service
  6. 10% of their profits are donated to organizations like YWAM and Teen Challenge
  7. Prices that are half what I was paying wholesale through an MLM
  8. Bonus new reason! They now have an Aroma Notes rewards program where your earn points on your purchases to get discounts! (My decision to use Edens Garden was made over a year before their rewards program was introduced.)

How are they so much cheaper?

Since switching to Eden’s Garden I have only fallen more in love with essential oils (it’s one of the ways I know I’m a crunchy Christian). As I have shared with friends about my new found love, one of the questions I’ve gotten is how non-MLM essential oils can be cheaper without loosing quality. These graphics show how an mlm makes money vs how a regular company makes money.

How an MLM Makes Money How non-MLMs Make Money








You can see pretty quickly that the MLM model has a lot more dollar signs. This means that a lot more people have to get paid for each sale made. This is why MLMs can be great options for people wanting to be a small business, but also why the products cost more. With the non-MLM model the company has to pay their suppliers, but there is no one else getting a cut of the sale. Less dollar signs in the business model means less dollar signs in the price you pay.

Synergy Blends

Updated oil blend comparison chart for Edens Garden, doTerra, and Young Living essential oilsAs I mentioned above, one of the reasons I fell in love with Edens Garden is their synergy blends. I had some favorite MLM blends I wasn’t too excited to give up, but I’ve found the equivalent blends from Edens Garden to be just as awesome. Edens Garden has even more blends than some of the MLMs and a whole line of blends that are specially formulated to be safe to use with kids. This chart shows the oil blend equivalents for switching from doTerra or Young Living to Edens Garden.

I hope this post has encouraged you if you’ve been looking for a new way to buy essential oils. The MLMs aren’t evil, they just may not be for everyone.



This post was in no way sponsored or endorsed by Edens Garden. I do not receive any kind of compensation for sharing about Edens Garden other than the joy of helping others find a non-mlm essential oils option and Aroma Note points for friends I refer to them. My Aroma Notes link is used throughout this post and while different than an affiliate program, I believe in full disclosure so you never feel like I’m trying to trick you. My choice to use Edens Garden was made over a year before they launched their Aroma Notes rewards program.

Free essential oil blend conversion chart booklet with dilution guide

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19 Responses to “My Choice for Non-MLM Essential Oils

  • Thank you so much for your honesty in this post! I went through the same journey a few years back and am glad to hear of someone else with the same desire to purchase outside of MLM companies. (I’ve discovered that’s not a very popular stance to have among women!)

    Edens Garden has been a great blessing, both financially and from a health standpoint, in our home. They have proven over and over again to be a great company that provides excellent products. I’m hoping to add the Safe for Kids sets to my collection soon! I just love that they are so proactive in creating new blends, educating customers, and providing quality.

    • Thank you so much Hannah! This is exactly what I hoped this post would do! Essential oils are so awesome but the MLMs are really giving them a bad name!

  • Melor Rahman
    11 months ago

    Hi! I am a newbie to eo world and i dont hv deep pocket to spend on expensive brands. While digging some info on the net and facebook, i stumble upon links to your blog. I recently ordered EG Ok for Kids kit because i read a lot of great story about the oils and company itself. Thank you for writing this blog post and sharing the conversion chart!

    • Thank you Melor! So glad the conversion chart is helpful to you!

  • jennlong0213
    11 months ago

    Thank you for sharing this information!

  • I appreciate your honesty and thorough comparison. I too prefer buying oils without being a part of an MLM. This info was very helpful! Great post!

  • Thank you for sharing about your experience ! My oil journey began with YL and for the year that I spent there, I was sad that I couldn’t afford to have oils as a daily part of my family’s lifestyle. I began researching other companies and settled in with EG ! My friend/YL rep/upline, has unfriended me in all areas because I switched. Her loss. I have directed quite a few ppl to EG after they’ve asked for info on oils. Recently, several acquaintances have contacted me with oil questions after they’ve been given the MLM sales pitch & misinformation. Is it okay to use your blog, as another perspective, when explaining (debunking) the “you get what you pay for” myth ?!? I’ve become so much more passionate about getting safe info into the hands & minds of eo users so I also plan to post more on FB where my friends & family are likely to catch it 😊

    • Hi Marcey! I would be honored for you to share it. I hate seeing people miss out on how awesome essential oils are because of how expensive the MLMs make them!

  • Anyway EG has a version of YLs Release?

    • Hi Amy, the most similar from Edens Garden would be Align, Balance, or Quiet Time. They have most of the same oils and are designed for the same benefit. Some of the Young Living oils overlapped a lot and there wasn’t enough room to list them all on the main conversion table. The Oil Blends Conversion ebook has a table that is just Edens Garden and Young Living that has more of them listed.

  • Thank you for this! I save my pennies every month month just to order my oils and finally I got so frustrated that I started on the search to find something even just a little cheaper but I’m not willing to give up quality. Eden’s garden has defiantly caught my eye. But I do have a question since they are high quality, can they too be taken internally? Ive never had any issues taking my MLMs oil internally and it’s really the only thing holding me back.

    • Hi TeAnna, essential oils of any brand should not be taken internally unless under the direction of a certified aromatherapist. The big mlms can get away with saying they are safe because they have the money and insurance policies to cover such claims. But that doesn’t mean it is actually safe. The issue with taking them internally is you won’t see an immediate negative response but the cumulative toll on your organs can be brutal.

  • Jennifer
    7 months ago

    I love Edens garden, so glad to see someone else who doesn’t believe the MLM hype. I just love how straight forward they are!

  • Awesome read! I’m a fellow essential oil lover & I have been dedicated to yl going on about 3 yrs now primarily for the seed to seal commitment, as with many others I also want to know what I’m using is pure and the quality is guaranteed. However I’ve become more and more frustrated with the constant pressure to sell and I dislike feeling as if I am not doing enough unless I’ve met some quota. Until recently talking with a friend I had no idea about edens garden. Just what I needed! Finally a company that wants to provide quality without putting the dollar first. I havent put in my first order yet but am very excited!

    • Seed to seal doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality anyway. It’s great in theory, but a lot of those seeds aren’t grown in their natural habitat/growing region.

  • Heather M
    4 months ago

    Oo, thanks for the encouraging post on edens garden. My cousin used edens garden and recommended in place of doterra and yl…I am a stay at home mom and don’t have the income to pay for the more well known brands. I am impressed with edens garden and they are only getting better! I learned about dr pappas a while ago and just saw that he has collaborated with EG to reformulated their blends. He is passionate about exposing fake oils ..I actually wondered if he ever tested EG and then all of a sudden I see the email that says he helped them out. I guess all that to say EG had a lot going for them now. I am excited to try some of the reformulated blends…thanks for sharing

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