3 Reasons to Keep a Plant in Every Room

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Plants play a huge role in holistic health. The veggies we eat, essential oils distilled from plants, filtering our air, and creating a tranquil environment in our homes all involve plants. Because of this, a rule of interior design I recommend is to have a plant in every room of the house. This may sound difficult, but the benefits are worth the effort, and even the most brown of thumbs can keep some low maintenance house plants alive.

Here are 3 reasons you should keep a plant in every room:

1) Plants Filter the air

This infographic shows research from NASA about some of the best house plants to have for filtering the air and the chemicals that they filter out.

nasa plants

2) Plants bring life

Rooms that feel full of life and energy are rooms that we enjoy being in and leave us feeling refreshed rather than drained. Put a plant in the room you enjoy least in your house and see how the energy in the room changes.

IMG_3372 IMG_3373   IMG_3374IMG_3375IMG_3376 IMG_3432

3) Plants support health

There are numerous studies that show multiple health benefits of house plants including elevated mood, increased concentration, decreased stress, better sleep, accelerated healing and more (For the research nerds).


Get Started

This infographic will help you pick the right plants for each room in your house. Some of our favorites to start with are peace lily, spider plant, african violet, golden pathos, and parlor palm.

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