Can Splankna Help with…?

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Splankna can help with a variety of issues, learn more about if it can help you

One of the questions I am most often asked about the Splankna Therapy protocol is, “Can Splankna help with…?” Some want to know if Splankna can help with a physical problem like back pain or thyroid issues; some want to know if it can help with a mental or emotional issue such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD. But what everyone really wants to know is, “Can it bring me the break through I’ve tried so hard to find?”

Splankna can help to the extent than an issue is emotionally rooted

The simple answer to this question is that Splankna can help to the extent than an issue is emotionally rooted. Because we are triune beings made of interconnected body-mind-spirit emotional issues affect our bodies, and our physical issues can affect our emotions and spiritual health. This interconnected web of cause and effect makes it difficult to pin point exactly what Splankna can help with for each person.

In my work as a Splankna practitioner these are some of the issues I have seen clients get relief from:

Neck pain                            Employment issues
Anxiety                                 Relationship with God
Frequent UTIs                      Focusing problems
Back pain                             Range of motion
PTSD                                     Energy levels
Relational issues                 Mental clarity
Bitterness                            Trust
Weight issues                      Body image
Depression                          Fears/phobias
Thyroid issues                     Self-esteem
Confidence issues              Anger issues


One common connection between Splankna emotional healing and physical healing is with chiropractic adjustments. Splankna and chiropractic both work within the meridian system of the body to restore balance. Chiropractic works with the physical manipulations of the body to place the skeletal system back into alignment. It’s not unusual to need the same chiropractic adjustment over and over.

Many Splankna clients have found that after working for a while on clearing negative emotions those chiropractic adjustments finally stick. This is because Splankna gets to the root of the emotional blocks in the meridian system that were pushing the body out of alignment to begin with. Once those blocks are gone the chiropractic adjustments are able to stay in alignment.

Health in any part of our being helps support health in the other parts. So while Splankna may not directly help with a physical issue, as you release negative emotions and begin to live in more emotional freedom, the physical body is supported to heal and be healthy as well. Even when Splankna does not directly bring physical healing, you may find that physical treatments are more effective after Splankna.


Because Splankna deals with emotional roots, it makes sense that the issues we most commonly see it help are mental/emotional issues such as anxiety, anger, depression, PTSD, and phobias. Because emotions are what we are directly working on clearing it is much easier to see when an emotional issue has been helped by Splankna.

While Splankna itself has not had any clinical trials run to determine it’s efficacy for specific issues, EFT (emotional freedom technique), which is one of the protocols Splankna is based on, has been shown in several studies to be highly effective for reducing symptoms of PTSD.


Many clients also find that Splankna is the catalyst for greater depths of intimacy in their walk with God and breakthroughs in their spiritual life. I have worked with many clients who have tried every deliverance ministry and prayer ministry they can find, but still were not finding the freedom they were looking for. Splankna’s unique approach to pin-pointing the areas of difficulty has been the tool to help them find the healing and closeness with God they were longing for.

See for Yourself

So if you are wondering if Splankna will help bring healing to whatever issue you are dealing with, the answer is it very well could and I would love to work with you on finding that breakthrough you’re seeking.

Energy psychology as a whole is relatively new field that is unregulated and still being studied, however the studies that have been done and the results clients are seeing indicate that the freedom found in emotional healing may be foundational to healing in all other areas of life. For more information on Splankna check out this blog post, or the Splankna Therapy Institute’s website. This book by Splankna’s founder explains the theological and scientific basis for the therapy model.

Splankna can help with a variety of issues, learn more about how this energy healing model can help you.

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