Winter Wellness Challenge 2017

winter wellness challenge

Mark your calendar for January 1st! The winter wellness challenge is a great chance to journey through my book Healthy & Whole with the accountability of others going through the challenge. Through the facebook group you will get the encouragement and support of people just like you that are working on being as healthy, whole, and close to Jesus as possible. Most New Year’s resolutions don’t make it to see February, but with the structure and support of the challenge you will be set up for success to carry those New Year’s resolutions all the way through the year.

Winter Wellness Challenge FAQs:

Starts: January 1st
Ends: March 4th
Cost: Free you only need to buy the book and the supplies if you don’t already have them
Will this work with ____ diet plan? The winter wellness challenge works with any diet plan or dietary restriction. Rather than a specific diet, the challenge focuses on eating real food that is not highly processed.
Are there set meeting times? The “meeting” aspect is run through a facebook group so there are no set meeting times. You can engage with the group whenever you have time but are encouraged to check in a few times a week.
Do I have to keep logs on paper? Nope! The newly released Healthy & Whole app allows you to keep all your logs on the go
Can I get one-on-one coaching? Yes! In addition to the group coaching you’ll get from me through the challenge, I offer coaching as paid service and can meet with you in person in the Atlanta area or by phone/skype. Check the box on the sign up form to let me know this is something you are interested in and I will be in touch with more details.

Sign Up:

Fill out this form to say “Sign me up!” and get an email reminder of the challenge closer to the start date. You’ll also get access to the free resource library here on the website.

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