24 Days of Holiday Self Care Advent Calendar

The holiday season can be a blur of parties, shopping, family, and friends. Even if you enjoy all the festivities it’s important to take care of yourself and not lose sight of what you need throughout this busy season.

If self care feels like yet another thing to worry about during the holidays, these five holiday self care tips keep things simple, but if you’re up for a season full of self care follow along with an advent calendar of 24 days full of caring for your body, mind, and spirit!



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Holiday Self Care Advent Calendar

Day 1: Take inventory of your current self care in body-mind-spirit. What needs tending to? What are you already doing well? Set three self care goals for yourself this season.

Day 2: Look over your calendar and schedule time for the goals you set yesterday. If that party you don’t want to go to makes the schedule so can the things that are important to you!

Day 3: Give yourself permission to say “no” to invitations, relatives, and overspending.

Day 4: Make a holiday playlist to listen to all month. No Christmas music required!

Day 5: Get a gift for your future self and write a card expressing your hopes for the New Year. Wrap it and open on Christmas.

Day 6: Sit outside in the morning to soak up some vitamin D!


Day 7: Wear something festive to get yourself in the holiday spirit!

Day 8: Go to bed early and protect your sleep all month! 8 hours a night really does matter!

Day 9: Acknowledge any grief this time of year brings, and give yourself permission to make new happier memories.

Day 10: Clear out the clutter. Fill a box and take it to the thrift store.

Day 11: Watch a Christmas movie you’ve never seen before.

Day 12: Volunteer, donate, or give a gift to help those in need.

Day 13: Light a candle or fire in the fireplace and enjoy the quiet glow.

Day 14: Eat some vegetables! It can be so easy to neglect our greens in the winter but our bodies still need them.

Day 15: Check in with the 3 goals you set and adjust plans as needed.

Day 16: Release EMF buildup by hugging a tree or walking barefoot outside if it’s warm enough.

Day 17: Treat your feet! Unbundle those toes and give yourself a pedicure.

Day 18: Go for a walk outside, bonus points for snow!

Day 19: Read a book you’ve had on your list and pick your reading list for the New Year.

Day 20: Bake your favorite cookies and share them with a neighbor.

Day 21: Do some deep breathing and meditation to reset your body and mind.

Day 22: Read Luke chapter 2 and reflect on the meaning of this season.

Day 23: Watch your favorite Christmas movie.

Day 24: Wear some new pajamas or a favorite pair you already own.

Make Your Own Holiday Self Care Advent Calendar

Self care is more than just pampering yourself and doing fun things. Sometimes self care is as simple as making sure you eat a good breakfast every morning, get enough sleep, forgive quickly, and spend time in prayer.

While the advent calendar above is all in good fun, don’t let it become yet another thing to do that actually takes away from your self care.

The best self care you can do this season may be to come up with your own list of what feeds you body, mind, and spirit and then prioritizing those things throughout this season and into the new year.

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