A Bible Dripping with Oil

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A Bible dripping with oil

A Bible Dripping with Oil

Yesterday I went on a little adventure. The previous night a friend across the country heard rumor of prayer room walls and a Bible dripping with oil just a few hours from me. A few texts back and forth and she had me connected with a new friend who is a part of the community where this sign and wonder is taking place and I was headed on road trip to meet this beautiful community.

Bible dripping with oilIn the back of a little gift shop in Dalton, Georgia there is a prayer room. For the past two years people have gathered there to pray for their city, region, and each other and intermittently oil has dripped from the walls.

January 27th of this year one of those prayer warriors, Jerry, noticed his Bible was dripping with oil.

Starting with Psalm 39 it spread over the next few days through the rest of the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the concordance. Then the oil started back in Genesis and spread till it covered the whole Bible.

bible in vat of oil

When he realized the oil wasn’t going to stop,Jerry put the Bible in a ziploc bag at first, but as the oil continued, he had to size up to larger and larger containers. The bucket he now keeps it in continues to refill.

God told him early on that as long as he gives the oil away freely and does not sell it, the oil will continue to flow. And so in the back of this little gift shop he gives away vials of oil and invites people to dip their hands in it.

He sent a sample of the oil to a chemist who says it is most similar to mineral oil, but that it isn’t mineral oil. It’s totally colorless and odorless and according to the chemist unexplainable.

chemist letter
Chemist’s summary of findings. Click image for full findings report. (Personal contact info blacked out)

The little gathering in the back of this gift shop was such a sweet place of love and fellowship. Thirty or so people were there praying for one another, giving prophetic words, and sharing testimonies of healing.

They are quick to tell you that it is God, not the oil that is healing people, but there are multiple testimonies of how God has used the oil to heal people of cancer, skin rashes, and other diseases.

This news article also reports Jerry’s testimony of the oil as it was told to me when I visited.

hands covered in oil

When I dipped my hands in the oil it continued to multiply on my hands. My new friend tells me that they have seen this a few times before and it seems to be related to a healing gifting.

The feeling of the oil getting heavier on my hands as the quantity of it grew was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. It was like the opposite of feeling something dry on your hands.

The oil is the thickest I’ve ever seen, similar to castor oil, but is light, silky smooth, odorless, and colorless.

Jerry eventually gave me a towel to wipe most of it off and it stopped multiplying but even as I sit here a day later typing I can still see the shiny residue from it on my hands.

A Sign that Makes you Wonder

Seeing the Bible dripping with oil was an amazing experience that deepened my awe and wonder of what Jesus can do. It really does mess with your head to see something so unexplainable but that clearly is happening.

As I have talked with God about the oil and about why this particular sign for our region, He has reminded me how the Bible Belt has often held a trinity of Father, Son, Holy Bible. What better place for Holy Spirit to show up and make Himself known.

oil dripping from wall
Oil dripping from the wall of the prayer room

Signs and wonders like this are actually more common than we realize but I believe the two extreme responses they tend to get are why we don’t hear of them more often.

On one extreme people deny it totally and cling to a cessationist belief that miracles, signs, wonders– basically anything to do with the Holy Spirit stopped with the Bible and it is wrong or crazy to believe those things could happen now, and that anyone that does believe in such things is deceived or making money off it somehow.

Since the cessationists don’t believe any of this could happen anyway, they decry it as a hoax. Others are simply sick of being deceived by false claims of signs and wonders and much like Thomas in John 20:24-29 need to see it for themselves to believe it’s real. 

On the other extreme you have people that begin to obsess with the sign and wonder itself, attributing power and significance to it that was never meant to be there.

This extreme is the folks that start calling and emailing (without even reading to see that I’m not the right person to call/email) insisting they need the oil for themselves. They place their faith in the oil instead of the Giver of the oil.

The Sober Minded Response

Yes, oil dripping out of a Bible is pretty cool. Yes, I believe the oil is a manifestation of the presence of God. But, if you feel like you need a vial of the oil to pray for healing or experience God’s presence that’s a problem.

God does not need the oil to heal. He does not need the oil to make His presence known. And you don’t need it either.

If you feel a desperation for the oil itself, go to the Source of the oil in prayer. Don’t just seek out the earthly source carrying it right now.

A sign and wonder is supposed to draw you into closer relationship with the Giver of the sign, not create an unhealthy desire in you to possess the sign for yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking it would be cool to get some of the oil or wanting to see it for yourself. But it becomes unhealthy if you feel incomplete without the oil.

For More Information

If you would like more information or would like to request a vial of oil, go to this site that is run by the community with the Bible and oil. Do NOT contact me asking for that information. 

They have a calendar with various events where you can see the Bible and get some of the oil as well as information if you would like to visit the Grace 251 gift shop in Dalton, Ga where they meet for prayer.


This post was originally written May 31, 2017. As of October 9, 2018, the oil continues to flow from the Bible showing no signs of stopping.

Jerry and the community he is a part of continue to give away the oil for free, not even accepting donations for shipping. However due to demand they have stopped accepting requests for oil to be mailed until they can clear the backlog of requests.

They are a small community of all volunteers giving their time and money to bottle the oil and ship it out, no one is getting paid for any part of this process. While they clear the backlog of requests for oil to be mailed they do still have vials available at the events posted on their website and facebook page.

As of December 2018: They will no longer be filling requests for oil to be shipped. They will continue to give the oil away freely in person at events and at the gift shop when they gather there.

With permission from the owner of the gift shop, I have now shared their name and link above.

The overwhelm of trying to fill order requests just got to be too much and they felt a press to prioritize giving the oil in person where they can pray with people and build some level of relationship.

In February 2019 Jerry and the Bible along with Johnny Taylor, who is part of the prayer group the oil came out of, appeared on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural.

2020 Accusations

I am aware of the recent accusations against Jerry. I will write more of an update once I have had more time to investigate these claims. In the meantime, my friend Michael’s post on the matter is very thorough and well-balanced. 


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