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Think and Eat Yourself Smart Book Review

This week I was so excited to get my copy of Think and Eat Yourself Smart by Dr. Caroline Leaf. A neuroscientist who happens to be a Christian, Dr. Leaf has written several books that explain the power our minds have over our brains and how we really can take every thought captive like scripture describes. In her new book, Dr. Leaf explains the power our thoughts have over what we ultimately end up eating.

Drink Your Water! 5 Ways to Stay Hydrated

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I am passionate about hydration. Back in college I learned in the same week two statistics that put together are very startling: 1) Americans have the greatest access to clean drinking water 2) 75 % of Americans are chronically dehydrated

4 Reasons Gardening is Good for Your Health

It is spring! There is a certain excitement that comes over me when I see crocuses blooming bravely and announcing the coming of warmer weather. And then the trees start budding and leafing out, and I can’t help but give little screams of joy as I drive around town.
Gardening season is here!

Eating Disorders and being Honest with Yourself

Eating disorders are complicated. Misery engulfs you completely, making the prospect of surviving it seem altogether impossible. As I consider some of the most trying moments of my recovery, I recall the very first step: admitting I was anorexic. It forced me to look past the stereotypes of the disorder and confess my own personal struggles of shame, self-loathe, and debilitating fear.

5 Ways to Restart Your Resolution

January is officially over. Which means for many of us we have officially failed to keep our New Year’s resolutions. But there is good news! Just because you weren’t as successful in January as you hoped to be, does not mean you have to give up! Now is a great time to restart that resolution and reflect back over the past month on what did and didn’t work.

women doing splankna therapy

What is Splankna Therapy?

Splankna Therapy is a Christian mind-body protocol that helps release emotions stored in the body through inner healing prayer and emotional clearing.

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