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What Your Body Clock is Trying to Tell You

Your body clock is a powerful time piece. The meridian clock combined with your circadian rhythm can tell a lot about your physical and emotional health. Throughout the day body systems are active or resting at different times. Knowing what systems are active when can give you insight into what problems you are facing or may face soon. The circadian rhythm is that inner clock that knows to get up when the sun rises and to get sleepy when it sets. Our modern culture with black out curtains and bright electronics late at night can confuse our circadian rhythms and leave our bodies a little confused about when we are supposed to do what.

Is Energy Healing God’s Healing? | Redemptive Postures Series

Energy healing is a redemptive postures topic that I get to talk about a lot. So many different healing methods fall under the umbrella of energy healing and energy psychology that it can be confusing where the spiritual boundary lines fall. A simple definition for energy healing is any modality that works with the meridian energy system of the body to bring healing. And when I say energy I mean the literal electric currents and charges to our bodies, not some kind of weird New Age “energy”. Some healing methods that fall under this category are: reiki, NET, EFT, TFT, tapping, Splankna, acupuncture, and qigong. I’ll discuss three of these methods in this article.

What to do with Woundedness

Each of us carry the wounds that we have experienced in life. The hurts, the disappointments, the rejections. The pain is real and you have every right to feel hurt and to hold onto your pain, but it won’t do you any good to hold on to your woundedness. We all carry wounds, but how we choose to respond to them makes a huge difference in levels of freedom, joy, and healing we are able to experience. Our lives do not have to be defined by our woundedness.

Demystifying the Enneagram | Redemptive Postures Series

You’ve probably heard someone talking about the Enneagram recently and how knowing their number has helped them grow personally. The Enneagram has grown in popularity in Christian circles in recent years, but many people still have questions about what it is and where it came from.

Christians and Flower Essences: Fear of the Unknown | Redemptive Postures Series

One thing Christian culture tends to do horribly well is being afraid of the unknown. It seems that anything natural health or quantum physics that doesn’t make sense to your average evangelical often gets labeled New Age, without any real understanding of what that term means.

While I have not really heard any objections to flower essences, I know that the unfamiliar can raise concerns and I want to help you understand instead of fear. Scripture tells us that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

So while we do want to be diligent in our research and understanding of alternative health topics (making the unknown known), we don’t need to be afraid of anything. It is so sad to think how many good things that God made for our benefit we are missing out on because we are afraid of the unknown.

What The Shack says about the Healing Journey

With all the controversy surrounding The Shack, both book and now movie, I’ve had several people ask me to share my thoughts on it. While I certainly have some thoughts I could share, I find thoughts are often best conveyed by those who have personal experience with an issue rather than just academic knowledge of it. Many have shared their academic knowledge. Few have shared how the book/movie has impacted their story.

Fasting for Body, Mind, and Spirit Health

Fasting has multiple benefits for body-mind-spirit health. The Lenten season from Ash Wednesday to Holy Saturday is often a time when many people decide to fast leading up to Easter. Whether you plan to fast during Lent or any time during the year, the benefits of fasting can affect every part of your being.

Are crystals only for New Age? | Redemptive Postures Series

To evaluate whether crystals are New Age or witchcraft, we first need to define those terms. New Age is characterized by monism and the belief that there is no separation. These beliefs result in thinking that all is one and that because all is one, divine is in all. Witchcraft is a complex topic but can be simply defined as physical manipulations seeking a spiritual result.

Loving Yourself into Healing

Guest post from Ellie: I was asked recently how I healed so quickly from my divorce. I left my now ex-husband less than a year ago. “That’s not that long ago,” my friend said to me, “And you really do seem healed.”

Can Splankna Therapy Help with…?

One of the questions I am most often asked about the Splankna Therapy protocol is, “Can Splankna help with…?” Some want to know if Splankna can help with a physical problem like back pain or thyroid issues; some want to know if it can help with a mental or emotional issue such as depression, anxiety, or ADHD. But what everyone really wants to know is, “Can it bring me the break through I’ve tried so hard to find?”

My Secret for Planning Success | My NeuYear Calendar

One of the best ways to keep your New Year’s resolutions is planning success. There are many planning guides, journal methods, and calendars out there; but today I want to share with you my secret for planning success in the New Year and throughout the year.

Hands Down, Hands Up Prayer | A New Year’s Meditation

Hands down, hands up prayer is an exercise in letting go and receiving. As we enter the new year these days between Christmas and New Year’s can be an excellent time for reflection and setting our intention and resolutions for 2017.

When we think of resolutions thoughts of hitting the gym, starting a diet, or instituting some new habit come to mind. But what if this year instead of focusing on your short comings and the things you have failed at, you handed it all over the Jesus and asked Him what He has for you this year?

When the Most Wonderful Time of the Year isn’t so Wonderful

It’s the most wonderful time of the year we are told. But that cheery greeting hurts to hear for many who are not having a wonderful time right now.

The house church member who just lost his mom to cancer
The mom who faces the third Christmas without her daughter
The resettled refugee who isn’t sure their family made it out of Aleppo
The son who is estranged from his family
The family that isn’t sure how they will pay for heat this month, let alone presents
The father who watches helplessly as his child is sick, unsure if this will be the last Christmas
The reminders of all the loss and pain of Christmas past
The darkness can be enveloping this time of year, longing for the Light to shine.

5 Tips for Holiday Self Care

The Holidays may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for many of us they are also the most stressful time of the year! The thought of holiday self care may feel out of reach, but implement a few of these tips and you will be closer to a silent night than a Griswald Christmas season.

10 Tips for Election Day Self-Care

The anxiety felt by many this election season is higher than ever before. Regardless of who wins this presidential election, about half our population is going to wake up tomorrow feeling like the world is coming to an end. With stress this high it’s extremely important to practice good self-care for your body-mind-spirit. Implement a few tips from each of these categories for more peaceful election day.

Meridian Lines and Tapping

Meridian lines are the system of pathways in the body by which energy flows. Energy meaning: electrical, physical, scientific energy – not “mystical” energy as some in the New Age movement describe it. It is the system that acupuncturists, chiropractors, and energy psychology practitioners use to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms.

New Book! Healthy and Whole: 60 Days to Complete Wellness

I’m so excited to announce the release of my new book! Healthy & Whole is a 60 day challenge that will take you on a journey to complete wellness, body-mind-spirit. My heart in writing this book is to help you be as healthy, whole, and close to Jesus as possible.

10 Signs You Might be a Crunchy Christian

Though you may have never heard the term “Crunchy Christian” you very well may be one. The Christian brand of your woo woos and your granola girls, we might do things a little bit differently, but we are certainly happy being our crunchy selves 🙂

3 Reasons to Keep a Plant in Every Room

Plants play a huge role in holistic health. The veggies we eat, essential oils distilled from plants, filtering our air, and creating a tranquil environment in our homes all involve plants. Because of this, a rule of interior design I recommend is to have a plant in every room of the house. This may sound difficult, but the benefits are worth the effort, and even the most brown of thumbs can keep some low maintenance house plants alive.

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