Building a Better Breakfast 6

Building a Better Breakfast

Today’s guest post is from Rachel Whitley, certified personal trainer. Rachel married one of my favorite high school guy friends and so I’ve had the pleasure of claiming her as my friend too. I love how she makes eating balanced meals so approachable and simple. Building a Better Breakfast I know I don’t have to …

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soul tie heart knot

Untangling Soul Ties

The theory of quantum entanglement describes how two particles can become entangled in such a way that even when they are separated by a vast distance they are linked, with the actions of one affecting the other and an apparent awareness of one another. This quantum reality may be a scientific glimpse into a spiritual reality …

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My favorite Christmas gift: prophetic words of encouragement from my father

My Favorite Christmas Gift

On Christmas day there is always one present that I rush to open before anything else. It’s not under the tree or in my stocking, but on the fireplace mantle there’s a little framed card that has become my favorite Christmas gift. This gift isn’t expensive, flashy, or bought in a store, but it’s the …

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Fertility health

Why Fertility Health Matters Even When You’re Not Trying To Get Pregnant

Today’s guest post on fertility health is by Kara Rowley of Vibrant Health & Healing. Kara is a midwife and functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner that specializes in helping women be healthy in all seasons of their lives. If you’re looking for a holistic approach to fertility health and overall wellness she is the gal to …

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The God of Miracles 57

The God of Miracles

Have you ever needed a miracle? Or wondered why some people get healed when you pray for them and other people don’t? We are so blessed to serve the God of Miracles, but we often struggle to believe a miracle is possible for us personally. It’s so easy to get offended when healing doesn’t come, …

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