5 tips for a stress free holiday season

5 Tips for Holiday Self Care

The Holidays may be the “most wonderful time of the year“, but for many of us they are also the most stressful time of the year! The thought of holiday self care may feel out of reach, but implement a few of these tips and you will be closer to a silent night than a Griswold …

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2016 Crunchy Christian holistic health gift guide

2016 Holistic Health Gift Guide

You know the health nuts and crunchy Christians on your list want more than kale for Christmas! This holistic health gift guide will have you at the top of the thank you card list and maybe even attracting some crunchy converts too. 1. Fitbit Zip: Keep track of your step count and compete with friends …

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election day self care

10 Tips for Election Day Self-Care

The anxiety felt by many this election season is higher than ever before. Regardless of who wins these elections, about half our population is going to wake up tomorrow feeling like the world is coming to an end. With stress this high it’s extremely important to practice good holistic self-care for your body-mind-spirit. Implement a …

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How to Grocery Shop Like an Adult

Adulting is hard. Grocery shopping is hard. Grocery shopping like an adult can feel impossible. Especially when a few minutes on Pinterest has you spinning, trying to figure out how to balance budgeting with meal planning, eating organic and local, and making your meal look instagram worthy and ultimately results in you reaching for the …

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Is Whole Foods Really Whole Paycheck? | The Cheapest Place to Buy Organic

One of the most common objections I hear to eating organic and non-GMO is that it costs too much. We’ve all heard Whole Foods called “Whole Paycheck”, but is that really true? Does it really cost more to buy organic than conventional? I’ve claimed for years that I saved money when I switched to shopping …

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Meridian lines and EFT TFT tapping

Meridian Lines and Tapping

If you have read any of the other posts on my site you may have heard me mention meridian lines or tapping before and wondered what they are. This post gives you an overview of meridian lines & tapping and the science behind them. Meridian Lines Meridian lines are the system of pathways in the …

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How to hear God's voice and discern the four voices you may hear at any time

How to Hear God’s Voice

The best thing you can do to for your health body-mind-spirit is to be in constant conversation with God, but many Christians still struggle with how to hear God’s voice. Training your “ears” to hear God’s voice begins with learning to discern the voices you listen to on a daily basis. There are four voices …

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Why You Want Food Based Vitamins

The Vitamin Dilemma Taking a daily vitamin is common health sense, but not all vitamins provide the health benefits we expect. Much like our modern American diet (MAD) is full of food like substances instead of actual food, our vitamins are filled with chemical versions of the vitamins and minerals we could be getting from …

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VBS gospel bracelets with an adult fashion update

Grownup Gospel Bracelets

Who remembers making one of these gospel bracelets as a kid in VBS? While the knotted leather and plastic beads were tres chic in the 90s, they aren’t so fashion forward for the modern millennial. The message behind these bracelets is just important now though as it was when we were kids. It’s amazing how …

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Learn how 30 second habits are the key to lifestyle change

30 Second Habits

Yes, you read that right. 30 second habits. Not minutes, seconds. Building habits can be hard. We’ve all tried at one point or another to build a new habit, like eating more vegetables, exercising more, or having a daily prayer time. While our intentions were good and we may have had some strong motivation to …

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