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Poverty Spirit Detox | Letting Go of the Things that are Owning You

You ever get the mood to get rid of ALL the things, but then feel guilty about just throwing stuff out when you really should hold onto it and try to sell it first?

Yeah, me too…and that’s how I end up with my spare bedroom being a never ending turn-style of random boxes of stuff I should have just donated to the thrift store months ago.

This past Christmas as I was asked what I wanted, it struck me that what I really wanted was less stuff and more free space. So the wishlist I gave my husband was more a list of stuff I wanted to finally get rid of, rather than a list of new things I wanted to bring into the house.

What to Expect When you Get those Spiritual Gifts you Asked for

Today’s guest post is from my friend Lauren. The past several years Lauren has been on a journey of discovering her spiritual gifts and learning to walk in a supernatural lifestyle. Things like hearing prophetic words, seeing angels and demons, and having God-given sensitivity to other’s thoughts and feelings. She’s going to share some of her story and the questions she wishes she had answers to when she first started to experience the supernatural.

My Favorite Christmas Gift

On Christmas day there is always one present that I rush to open before anything else. It’s not under the tree, or in my stocking, but on the fireplace mantle there’s a little card that has become my favorite Christmas gift. This gift isn’t expensive, flashy, or bought in a store, but it’s the most personal, encouraging, and valuable gift I open each year.

Chakras and an Unknown God | Redemptive Postures

Taking a redemptive posture doesn’t always mean reclaiming whatever needs redeeming. It can also mean redirecting to a Kingdom truth. With chakras I am not proposing that we study them and embrace them as good. What I am proposing is that we take a redemptive posture as Paul did at Mars Hill.

2017 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

Wondering what to get for the health conscious Christian lady on your list? This crunchy Christian gift guide will give you lots of great ideas of what to give, and maybe even some ideas of what you want to put on your own wishlist.

Reformation Day, Halloween, and Victorious Eschatology

Today marks the 500th anniversary of Reformation Day; the day on which Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg, Germany and forever changed the course of history. In Luther’s day the church had drifted into a false doctrine of indulgences and a works based gospel. It was no coincidence that Luther chose October 31st to post his theses.

Keys to Inner Healing Mini Course

This free 7 day inner healing mini course will teach you the basics of inner healing and start you on your journey of praying through your own hurts. Each day also includes a free devotional download to take what you’ve learned deeper into personal application.

Preparing for Winter: What Fall Gardening Can Teach the Heart 

I love October. Here in Idaho the temperatures are dropping, the first leaves of the season are starting to go from green to red and yellow, and it won’t be long before flocks of geese, like arrows in the sky, start heading south. While everyone else is rejoicing in all things pumpkin spice and fall, gardeners are already looking to winter and the fall gardening preparations they must make now for the season to come.

Inner Healing Prayer for our Innermost Hurts

Inner healing is a powerful tool for bringing relief to our deepest hurts. Emotional pain, traumatic memories, tormenting thoughts, and relationship issues are all things that inner healing can help. There are many models of inner healing out there, so sometimes it can be confusing what exactly inner healing is and what it is not. This post will clear up much of that confusion and help you get a sense of which approach may be right for you.

The God of Miracles

Have you ever needed a miracle? Or wondered why some people get healed when you pray for them and other people don’t? We are so blessed to serve the God of Miracles, but we often struggle to believe a miracle is possible for us personally. It’s so easy to get offended when healing doesn’t come, and begin to believe those kinds of things don’t happen anymore. Not because scripture tells us to expect the miracles to end, but because we’ve come to believe our experiences…or lack of experiences more than we believe the Bible. Maybe we just need a reminder of the miracle working God we serve to build our faith.

Breaking a spirit of barrenness

Breaking a Spirit of Barrenness

A spirit of barrenness can affect you even if you’ve never struggled with infertility. If you’ve ever felt shame at the thought of being pregnant it’s likely this spirit may be affecting you.

Is Energy Healing God’s Healing? | Redemptive Postures Series

Energy healing is a redemptive postures topic that I get to talk about a lot. So many different healing methods fall under the umbrella of energy healing and energy psychology that it can be confusing where the spiritual boundary lines fall. A simple definition for energy healing is any modality that works with the meridian energy system of the body to bring healing. And when I say energy I mean the literal electric currents and charges to our bodies, not some kind of weird New Age “energy”. Some healing methods that fall under this category are: reiki, NET, EFT, TFT, tapping, Splankna, acupuncture, and qigong. I’ll discuss three of these methods in this article.

What to do with Woundedness

Each of us carry the wounds that we have experienced in life. The hurts, the disappointments, the rejections. The pain is real and you have every right to feel hurt and to hold onto your pain, but it won’t do you any good to hold on to your woundedness. We all carry wounds, but how we choose to respond to them makes a huge difference in levels of freedom, joy, and healing we are able to experience. Our lives do not have to be defined by our woundedness.

Christians and Acupuncture: The Points You Want to Know | Redemptive Postures Series

Acupuncture is one of the more recent Eastern Medicines to find acceptance in the Western medical world. Much like chiropractic, this healing method is based on the meridian system of the body and seeks to strengthen the healing potential your body already has. A lot of people get freaked out by the thought of needles …

Christians and Acupuncture: The Points You Want to Know | Redemptive Postures Series Keep Reading »

Healing How We See God with Sozo Father Ladder

Healing how we see God: We all have lenses we view ourselves, other people, and God through. Sozo prayer and the Father Ladder can help us heal.

Bible dripping with oil

A Bible Dripping with Oil

Yesterday I went on a little adventure. The previous night a friend across the country heard rumor of prayer room walls and a Bible dripping with oil just a few hours from me. A few texts back and forth and she had me connected with a new friend who is a part of the community where this sign and wonder is taking place and I was headed on road trip to meet this beautiful community.

Demystifying the Enneagram | Redemptive Postures Series

You’ve probably heard someone talking about the Enneagram recently and how knowing their number has helped them grow personally. The Enneagram has grown in popularity in Christian circles in recent years, but many people still have questions about what it is and where it came from.

Easter Inner Healing

The Easter story is one that Christians and non-Christians alike know well. Christ was crucified on a cross and rose again three days later. While we know the story well, we often miss what is actually in scripture and what is common doctrine. In our songs and liturgy, our story times, and common theology we have taught that at the moment of Christ’s death God turned His face away. That all of heaven looked away. We build theology and explanations around why a loving God would abandon His Son and look away. But what if none of these contrived explanations were necessary? What if God doesn’t need us to defend His actions?

Christians and Flower Essences: Fear of the Unknown | Redemptive Postures Series

One thing Christian culture tends to do horribly well is being afraid of the unknown. It seems that anything natural health or quantum physics that doesn’t make sense to your average evangelical often gets labeled New Age, without any real understanding of what that term means.

While I have not really heard any objections to flower essences, I know that the unfamiliar can raise concerns and I want to help you understand instead of fear. Scripture tells us that we have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, love, and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7).

So while we do want to be diligent in our research and understanding of alternative health topics (making the unknown known), we don’t need to be afraid of anything. It is so sad to think how many good things that God made for our benefit we are missing out on because we are afraid of the unknown.

Why I’m not Memorizing Scripture this Year

Memorizing scripture is a good and helpful spiritual discipline but for many it isn’t producing the spiritual fruit they had hoped. So before you call me a heretic, let me explain why I’m not memorizing scripture this year, and what I am doing instead.

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