Father’s Day Prayers of Blessing

Father's hand with baby's hand Father's Day prayers of blessing

Father’s Day and its counterpart, Mother’s Day, are hard to ignore in our culture. Depending on your experience, this day may bring joy, pain, or a mixture of both. 

Good fathers are protectors, providers, and bestowers of identity. They make us feel safe, secure, and significant. Unfortunately good fathers are not as common as they should be, and if your father was less than perfect, it’s likely you have some hurts that have even affected the way you view Father God

Society doesn’t quite expect men in general to be fathers quite the same as women are expected to be mothers or at the very least motherly. And while very few people know nothing about their mother, it’s not uncommon to know nothing about your father. 

Yet there is something powerful about a good father or even a good good father. And many would argue that what our society needs most, to heal our cultural ills, is present, engaged, good fathers.

Whatever your experience of fathering or fatherhood I hope you feel seen in these Father’s Day prayers.

I pray you find freedom to celebrate or not celebrate as you see fit; healing for the father wounds we all carry to some degree no matter how good of a father you have; courage to be the best father you can be, and encouraging words to give to the fathers in your life. 

Feel free to use this printable pdf version of the Father’s Day prayers below to read at church services or other personal use. There’s also a Mother’s Day version

Father playing with son, throwing him in the air

Father’s Day Prayers of Blessing for:

Those who do not know who their father is may you have peace in the not knowing. May your longing for a father be satisfied in Father God. May spiritual fathers come alongside you to fill that earthly father’s role. 

Those with absent, abusive, or strained father relationships may you find healing for the hurts and restoration for the needs fathers are supposed to fulfill. May you find courage to be honest yet honoring about your father.

Those who have lost their fathers may you be comforted in your mourning. May you remember the good, heal from the bad, and find spiritual fathers that fill in the gaps. 

Those with good father relationships may the years be long as you treasure every moment with your dad. May your children’s children reap the benefits of your relationship. 

father holding baby

Men who long to be fathers may your longing be satisfied and your waiting be short. May your father’s heart be recognized regardless of if you have children. 

Fathers of children they may never know may your father’s heart still be felt by your children. May you have opportunity to make right any mistakes you made in the past. 

Fathers who have had their children taken from them may you be filled with forgiveness for yourself and whoever was involved in taking your children. May you still be honored as the father you are.  

Men not Myths - brand by a loving father, for other loving fathers and those who love us.

Men who have stepped up to father another’s children may your children honor and receive you well. May the modifiers of adoptive-, foster-, step-, or otherwise seem unnecessary in the light of your fathering presence. 

Women who have pulled double duty being both Father and Mother may you have a double portion of grace to carry such weight alone. May godly men step up to help you fill that father role. 

Fathers who have lost children may you find comfort in your mourning. May you forgive yourself for blame that was never yours to carry. May your children live on in the memories you cherish and the loved ones they left behind. 

Fathers of estranged children may the wounds that brought distance be healed. May you forgive and be forgiven. May the years lost be restored. 

Father holding child lovingly

Men who are scared to become fathers may you be filled with confidence and courage in who you were created to be. May the wounds from your own father be redeemed in your own fatherhood.

Fathers who are afraid they aren’t enough may you be honored for all that you are and filled where you are lacking. May you rest in knowing you all will always be enough. 

Fathers who have been abusive or absent may you forgive yourself and receive forgiveness from those you have hurt. May you have opportunity to repair what you have broken. May the past be redeemed by the future. 

Men who have been good fathers may your children’s children receive the inheritance of your love. May men be inspired and challenged by your example. May nations change because of your faithfulness. May you long enjoy the honor and reward due such a high calling. 

May all fathers – biological, adoptive, foster, step, spiritual, and other – be held in high esteem. May you receive the support and encouragement you need to rise to the calling of fatherhood. 

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