Meridian Lines and Tapping

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If you have read any of the other posts on my site you may have heard me mention meridian lines or Splankna before and wondered what they are. This post gives you an overview of meridian lines & tapping and the science behind them.

Meridian Lines

Meridian lines are the system of pathways in the body by which energy flows. Energy meaning: electrical, physical, scientific energy – not “mystical” energy as some in the New Age movement describe it. It is the system that acupuncturists, chiropractors, and energy psychology practitioners use to alleviate physical and emotional symptoms.

Unlike chakras, meridian lines have a growing body of scientific evidence to back up what Eastern medicine has known for centuries – that they are real. Researchers have shown, through energetically-charged photo luminescent material injected at acupuncture points, that there is a flow to energy in the human body. And the wavelike patterns of that flow follows the meridian line charts used in acupuncture and chiropractic work. Other research has found physical evidence of a previously unrecognized primo vascular system which follows the meridian line charts as well.

The way acupuncture works with meridian lines is by placing pins as little antennas to draw the flow of energy around any blockages in the meridian lines. Chiropractic uses physical manipulations to put the body back into alignment wherever the improper flow in the meridian lines has pushed the body out of alignment.


The problem acupuncturists and chiropractors both have run into, however, is that their adjustments do not always stick. The meridian lines have not been dealt with directly, just the physical symptoms of the meridian lines being blocked have been dealt with. This is where energy psychology methods such as N.E.T., EFT, TFT, and Splankna have made huge strides in dealing with the emotional blockages – complimenting the work of chiropractic and acupuncture.

When we experience trauma, our bodies store an energetic signature of the emotions we feel within the meridian system. When these blockages are not dealt with, we continue to have the same symptoms over and over. Thus, we need the same chiropractic adjustments over and over or feel stuck in our emotional responses.

Splankna is the very first Christian protocol for dealing with the emotional blockages in the meridian system. Through a combination of intention and circuitry, we clear the emotional blocks and allow breakthrough where there were once barriers.


Tapping is used in EFT, TFT, and Splankna to engage the subconscious aspect of the meridian system while focusing the conscious mind on an emotional blockage. One tool from Splankna is tapping your fingers while you say a forgiveness statement. The tapping of fingers engages the circuitry of the meridian system, and the forgiveness statement sets your intention to forgive.

A similar tapping tool that can be used in many ways is a collarbone statement. By repeating a truth statement three times while tapping continually on your collarbones, you help your whole body-mind-spirit to come into alignment with the truth. Scriptures are great truth statements to try this with.

More information about the Splankna Therapy model and its approach to energy psychology from a Christian perspective can be found at their website.

Learn more about the science behind meridian lines and tapping therapies like EFT and TFT

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  • I have attended level 1 Splankna Training and look forward to learning more. Thanks for this helpful article.

    • Thanks Shannon! Glad it was helpful! I remember my level 1 Splankna training a few years ago 🙂

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