Mother’s Day Prayers

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Mother's Day Prayers

Holidays like Mother’s Day often come with cultural expectations of joy and celebration, as if everyone’s experience of mothering has been a positive one. Often the day is so painful and the church so insensitive, that many women choose to stay home on Mother’s Day Sunday rather than have salt rubbed in their wounds. But rather than hiding on this day or pretending the pain isn’t there, what if we learned to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn (Romans 12:15)?

Just like the wildflowers in the picture above, our mothering experiences are all different and beautiful when brought together. Your experience of this day may not be someone else’s experience of it, and that’s ok. We need to give each other space to experience this day the way that is genuine to each of us (men included!). Motherhood and mother relationships can be complex and messy and we can’t expect a day focused on mothers to be simple.

What ever your experience of mothering and Mother’s Day, my Mother’s Day prayers are that you find joy in rejoicing, comfort in mourning, and support from those around you to be genuine in how you feel.

Mother’s Day Prayers for:

Those with good mother relationships

May you treasure the time and the relationship you have with your mother, the hard work and tears it’s taken to keep that relationship good and the joy that Mother’s Day brings.

Those who have lost mothers

May you feel the freedom to mourn your loss while remembering the good, the bad, and the missed opportunities. May you be surrounded by those that mourn with those who mourn and don’t insist you put on a smile.

Those who never had a mother

May you be supported by spiritual mothers that can help fill that void. May you feel seen, and not expected to take on other’s experiences of mothering as your own.

Those with strained mother relationships

May you feel the freedom not to put on a happy face; to be honest yet honoring about your relationship with your mother. May the memories of good outweigh the pain of the present and past. May you be allowed the right to celebrate or not celebrate as you see fit.

Mother’s with strained child relationships

May you feel honored as a mother even if the honor doesn’t come from your kids. May you give your children the freedom not to celebrate or to celebrate from a distance. May you forgive yourself for the strain.

Mother's Day prayers for all kinds of mothering experiences. #mothersday #prayer


Mother’s who have lost children

May your motherhood be honored even when it is not seen. May your mourning be comforted. May celebration of mothering children that are still alive not disregard the loss of those who are not.

Those who long to be mothers

May your wait be short and your longing be satisfied. May you be surrounded by those who can offer genuine support and not just cliche encouragements.

Those who have chosen not to be mothers

May you feel respected in your decision and not treated as less than. May you be honored as a woman and the nurture you bring to those in your life.

Those who are mothers

May you feel loved, honored, and supported in what ever form of mother you are — biological, foster, adoptive, spiritual. May your children call you blessed.

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