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Try flower essences for yourself with these free flower essence samples from Freedom Flowers. You only pay $3 for shipping. Learn more about flower essences.

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Flower essences can help with a variety of emotional issues! Try flower essence samples yourself from Freedom Flowers. You only pay $3 for shipping.

About Flower Essences:

Flower essences are water infusions that have taken the frequency of specific flowers. They are a gentle approach to addressing emotional issues in people and pets. At the quantum level everything is moving, buzzing. That buzzing can also be described as frequencies. Everything in creation has a frequency, even our emotions.

One of the interesting things about frequencies is that higher frequencies displace lower frequencies. This can be seen with tuning forks, when you strike both forks they sound different at first but over time they begin to have the same tone. Fortunately, positive emotions, things like love, joy, peace, vibrate at higher frequencies than negative emotions such as fear, anger, stress.

Scripture tells us that love casts out fear (1 John 4:18), and with frequencies it is literally true. Love is a higher frequency than fear and replaces that lower frequency when ever they come in contact.

Different than Essential Oils

One of the common questions about flower essences is if they are like essential oils. While both come from plants, flower essences only use the flowers while essential oils are made from the aromatic parts of plants which may not be the flowers.

Another major difference is that essential oils work with the biochemical systems of the body and therefore can conflict with other medications; flower essences work with the energetic frequencies of the body and do not interfere with medications. (Read more about the differences here)

What to Expect when Taking a Custom Flower Essence Blend:

Flower essences like other methods of energy healing are very subtle. You may notice immediate changes, but most likely you won’t feel any change right away. Often it will be a friend or family member that will notice the emotional shift in you before you notice yourself.

It is recommended to take an essence consistently for about a month before evaluating if it is helping. The good news is that taking the “wrong” flower essence won’t hurt you, it just won’t help the issue you were hoping to fix.

Flower essence blends are a great way to see results faster because even if one flower in the blend isn’t working for your issue others in the blend will most likely work.

Though not common, it is possible to end up having an emotional detox of sorts when taking a flower essence, sometimes called a healing crisis. Much like you can experience negative physical effects from a physical detox as all the junk leaves the body, some people do experience some moodiness, bad dreams, crying, etc. as the flower essence helps clear out the junk emotions. This isn’t something to be afraid of, but just something to be aware of so you won’t be caught off guard and can cut back on taking the essence blend until the healing crisis passes.


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