Rainbow Light Just Once Daily Multivitamin

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Food based vitamins for daily nutrients

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Rainbow Light Just Once Daily Multivitamin
Complete multivitamin protection provides daily nutritional support and broad antioxidant coverage for increased vitality and long-term health. 100% vegetarian. VeganGuard. Food based for maximum absorption.
About the product
  • 20 mg kelp, spirulina and chlorella, combined with 155 mg Superfood Energy Complex, deliver a nourishing blend of nutrients that provide daily support for long-term health
  • Broad antioxidant protection and nutritional support from potent metabolic co-nutrients, including an energizing B-Complex Blend, 400 IU vitamin D, 240 mg vitamin C, as well as 5,000 IU vitamin A and 60 IU vitamin E
  • A Food Enzyme Complex provides broad spectrum plant-source enzymes that aid digestion
  • Note: The product may develop dark spots if exposed to moisture, but this does not impact product safety. For best stability, bottles should be stored in a cool, dry, and dark location.


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