SOZO Session Notes and Tools Handout


Keep your notes organized in session and remind yourself of the SOZO tools with this session notes template and tools handout. These resources will not teach you how to do SOZO, they are a resource to support current SOZO teams.

The note sheet and handout in this packet are not associated with Bethel church and are not replacements for SOZO training. They are a support to current SOZO teams to help them better serve their Sozoees. For SOZO training check out to find one near you.

SOZO Session Process Notes

The session process notes are designed to give 1sts a way to organize your thoughts and write down information as it comes up. Maybe the Sozoee mentions something about their dad but you are working with Jesus, you can jot that info down on the Father ladder section of the notes to circle back to later. Or maybe they mention feeling like they have a wall, you can note that so that you remember to come back before the end of the session.

These notes do not replace the positive truth notes taken by your 2nd and depending on the policies of your SOZO ministry should either be torn up and thrown away at the end of the session or saved securely with the rest of the confidential files associated with that session.

SOZO Tools Handout

The tools handout is to be a reminder for you in session if you forget how to lead the Sozoee through a particular tool, especially for 1sts in training. Some ministries may also choose to offer the tools handout in an aftercare packet for their Sozoees to work through on their own.

You are free to make as many copies of the notes and tools as you need for your personal use in your ministry. However please do not make copies to share with other ministries or send them the files to print themselves. You may direct them to my site to purchase their own copies

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