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How Flower Essences Can Help You be Healthy & Whole

Ever feel like getting healthy would be easier if you were already healthier? While there’s no magic shortcut for the hard work of making the lifestyle changes needed for health, flower essences can help with the emotional heavy lifting to get you that much closer to the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

4 Reasons Gardening is Good for Your Health

It is spring! There is a certain excitement that comes over me when I see crocuses blooming bravely and announcing the coming of warmer weather. And then the trees start budding and leafing out, and I can’t help but give little screams of joy as I drive around town.
Gardening season is here!

Eating Disorders and being Honest with Yourself

Eating disorders are complicated. Misery engulfs you completely, making the prospect of surviving it seem altogether impossible. As I consider some of the most trying moments of my recovery, I recall the very first step: admitting I was anorexic. It forced me to look past the stereotypes of the disorder and confess my own personal struggles of shame, self-loathe, and debilitating fear.

What is Splankna Therapy?

Splankna Therapy is a Christian mind-body protocol that helps release emotions stored in the body through inner healing prayer and emotional clearing.

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