The Lies We Believe at Christmas

Identifying lies we believe and the truth that undoes them is important throughout the year. But there seem to be a special brand of lies that come creeping at Christmas time. Maybe it’s a lie that’s unique to the holiday season, or maybe it’s just a more festive version of a lie you struggle with year round. Just like a tangled mess of Christmas lights, claiming your freedom starts with unraveling what the lie is and figuring out where it ends.

2017 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

Wondering what to get for the health conscious Christian lady on your list? This crunchy Christian gift guide will give you lots of great ideas of what to give, and maybe even some ideas of what you want to put on your own wishlist.

When the Most Wonderful Time of the Year isn’t so Wonderful

It’s the most wonderful time of the year we are told. But that cheery greeting hurts to hear for many who are not having a wonderful time right now.

The house church member who just lost his mom to cancer
The mom who faces the third Christmas without her daughter
The resettled refugee who isn’t sure their family made it out of Aleppo
The son who is estranged from his family
The family that isn’t sure how they will pay for heat this month, let alone presents
The father who watches helplessly as his child is sick, unsure if this will be the last Christmas
The reminders of all the loss and pain of Christmas past
The darkness can be enveloping this time of year, longing for the Light to shine.

5 Tips for Holiday Self Care

The Holidays may be the “most wonderful time of the year”, but for many of us they are also the most stressful time of the year! The thought of holiday self care may feel out of reach, but implement a few of these tips and you will be closer to a silent night than a Griswald Christmas season.

Expectant Light: An Advent Devotional

“The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:5 This season of Advent is a season of expectant light, waiting for the Light to come. Waiting for the Light to finally conquer the darkness forever. Waiting with our lights held high in this dark world. But our waiting is not hopeless. It is an expectant waiting, a waiting that knows how the story ends.

2016 Holistic Health Gift Guide

You know the health nuts and crunchy Christians on your list want more than kale for Christmas! This holistic health gift guide will have you at the top of the thank you card list and maybe even attracting some crunchy converts too.

Healthy Holiday Eating

Healthy holiday eating can sound like an oxymoron. Depending on who you listen to, American’s gain on average 1-7 pounds from the end of November to beginning of January. What makes that weight gain worse is that we tend to not lose it during the rest of the year. So over time we add a few pounds each holiday season. It can be even harder at the holidays if you are trying to eat real foods (as opposed to highly processed) and you aren’t the one doing all the cooking. While I am all for treating yo’ self and enjoying the foods that are meaningful to you at the holidays, it is important to keep portion size in mind and make healthy choices when possible. Follow these tips for healthy holiday eating and help yourself keep that belt notch right where it is.

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