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The Lies We Believe at Christmas

Identifying lies we believe and the truth that undoes them is important throughout the year. But there seem to be a special brand of lies that come creeping at Christmas time. Maybe it’s a lie that’s unique to the holiday season, or maybe it’s just a more festive version of a lie you struggle with year round. Just like a tangled mess of Christmas lights, claiming your freedom starts with unraveling what the lie is and figuring out where it ends.

Christian meditation with the Soultime app

Christian Meditation with Soultime

Sadly, many Christians have lost the practice of meditation assuming that it is a non-Christian practice. Meditation is often thought of as emptying your mind, sitting funny, and chanting om. But the word meditate actually means “to think deeply or carefully about something.” With Christian meditation we are not emptying our minds to focus on nothing. We are focusing on the truths of scripture, the presence of God, and hearing his voice clearly. That may include emptying our minds of the grocery list, emails that need responding to, and the other distracting things our minds obsess over, but it is an emptying with intent to fill.

Healing in the Hebrew Months

Ever notice how there are different seasons of life within our four seasons? We notice the slight chill in the morning air near the end of summer and know that autumn is on it’s way. We also notice the shift in store displays and how they signal the holidays to come. Rhythms of vacation, spring cleaning, and back to school all signal something about the season we are entering into.

Heaven’s Cure for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in the United States. 1 in 6 adults take an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. Both inside and outside the church, anxiety is a rampant issue people are desperate for relief from.

What Your Favorite Worship Song Says About You

We all may love some of the same songs but they resonate with us for different reasons. Our Enneagram type can help us understand why we love the worship songs we do and help us appreciate the songs that others love as well.

When You’ve Already Forgiven Them

A big part of inner healing work is forgiveness. Frequently I’ll have a client say, “Oh, I’ve already forgiven them,” when forgiving a certain person comes up in session. Sometimes this is a resistance to really forgiving — trying to avoid dealing with their feelings towards that person. But often it comes from a genuine place of having already done a lot of forgiveness work around that person and feeling like we are beating a dead horse to forgive them again.

Stages of Trauma Recovery

One of the most puzzling things new clients will tell me is, “Oh I haven’t experienced any trauma.” After they’ve listed all the things they are looking for help with — the relational issues, anxiety, crises of faith, and sleep disturbances, to a name a few, they somehow don’t understand that these symptoms came from somewhere.

4 Lessons We Learn from Seeds

Four lessons we can learn from seeds about taking care of our heart gardens and growing into the fullness of who we were created to be.

Untangling Soul Ties

The theory of quantum entanglement describes how two particles can become entangled in such a way that even when they are separated by a vast distance they are linked, with the actions of one affecting the other and an apparent awareness of one another. This quantum reality may be a scientific glimpse into a spiritual reality of soul ties. (For more on quantum theory) If you’ve ever felt like you just can’t shake the connection to another person, like two railroad tracks that are separate but forever linked, you may have a soul tie that needs untangling.

Poverty Spirit Detox | Letting Go of the Things that are Owning You

You ever get the mood to get rid of ALL the things, but then feel guilty about just throwing stuff out when you really should hold onto it and try to sell it first?

Yeah, me too…and that’s how I end up with my spare bedroom being a never ending turn-style of random boxes of stuff I should have just donated to the thrift store months ago.

This past Christmas as I was asked what I wanted, it struck me that what I really wanted was less stuff and more free space. So the wishlist I gave my husband was more a list of stuff I wanted to finally get rid of, rather than a list of new things I wanted to bring into the house.

What to Expect When you Get those Spiritual Gifts you Asked for

Today’s guest post is from my friend Lauren. The past several years Lauren has been on a journey of discovering her spiritual gifts and learning to walk in a supernatural lifestyle. Things like hearing prophetic words, seeing angels and demons, and having God-given sensitivity to other’s thoughts and feelings. She’s going to share some of her story and the questions she wishes she had answers to when she first started to experience the supernatural.

How Flower Essences Can Help You be Healthy & Whole

Ever feel like getting healthy would be easier if you were already healthier? While there’s no magic shortcut for the hard work of making the lifestyle changes needed for health, flower essences can help with the emotional heavy lifting to get you that much closer to the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

Chakras and an Unknown God | Redemptive Postures

Taking a redemptive posture doesn’t always mean reclaiming whatever needs redeeming. It can also mean redirecting to a Kingdom truth. With chakras I am not proposing that we study them and embrace them as good. What I am proposing is that we take a redemptive posture as Paul did at Mars Hill.

The Sound of Healing | Redemptive Postures Series

It doesn’t take much convincing to believe that music affects mood. We all have those favorite songs that relax us, those energetic songs that get us going, and certain songs or music genres we just don’t resonate with at all. Music therapy is a growing field that is seeing improved patient outcomes in hospital settings and is becoming more and more standard in the medical field. In scripture we see how King Saul was soothed by the music played on David’s harp (1 Samuel 16:14-23).

Keys to Inner Healing Mini Course

This free 7 day inner healing mini course will teach you the basics of inner healing and start you on your journey of praying through your own hurts. Each day also includes a free devotional download to take what you’ve learned deeper into personal application.

Preparing for Winter: What Fall Gardening Can Teach the Heart 

I love October. Here in Idaho the temperatures are dropping, the first leaves of the season are starting to go from green to red and yellow, and it won’t be long before flocks of geese, like arrows in the sky, start heading south. While everyone else is rejoicing in all things pumpkin spice and fall, gardeners are already looking to winter and the fall gardening preparations they must make now for the season to come.

Inner Healing Prayer for our Innermost Hurts

Inner healing is a powerful tool for bringing relief to our deepest hurts. Emotional pain, traumatic memories, tormenting thoughts, and relationship issues are all things that inner healing can help. There are many models of inner healing out there, so sometimes it can be confusing what exactly inner healing is and what it is not. This post will clear up much of that confusion and help you get a sense of which approach may be right for you.

The God of Miracles

Have you ever needed a miracle? Or wondered why some people get healed when you pray for them and other people don’t? We are so blessed to serve the God of Miracles, but we often struggle to believe a miracle is possible for us personally. It’s so easy to get offended when healing doesn’t come, and begin to believe those kinds of things don’t happen anymore. Not because scripture tells us to expect the miracles to end, but because we’ve come to believe our experiences…or lack of experiences more than we believe the Bible. Maybe we just need a reminder of the miracle working God we serve to build our faith.

What Your Body Clock is Trying to Tell You

Your body clock is a powerful time piece. The meridian clock combined with your circadian rhythm can tell a lot about your physical and emotional health. Throughout the day body systems are active or resting at different times. Knowing what systems are active when can give you insight into what problems you are facing or may face soon. The circadian rhythm is that inner clock that knows to get up when the sun rises and to get sleepy when it sets. Our modern culture with black out curtains and bright electronics late at night can confuse our circadian rhythms and leave our bodies a little confused about when we are supposed to do what.

Breaking a spirit of barrenness

Breaking a Spirit of Barrenness

A spirit of barrenness can affect you even if you’ve never struggled with infertility. If you’ve ever felt shame at the thought of being pregnant it’s likely this spirit may be affecting you.

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