Poverty Spirit Detox | Letting Go of the Things that are Owning You

Poverty Spirit Detox | Letting Go of the Things that are Owning You

You ever get the mood to get rid of ALL the things, but then feel guilty about just throwing stuff out when you really should hold onto it and try to sell it first?Yeah, me too...and that's how I end up with my spare bedroom being a never ending turn-style of random boxes of stuff I should have just donated to the thrift store months ago.This past Christmas as I was asked what I wanted, it struck me that what I really wanted was lessrel="caThis pa.erty-spirit/">m d/ce. Sift stxistsbro wagdonabedhusbrty-el="spiria sbro I should has lessrriffined waf ALL the ,oxe>Capt I nia sbro I s);a=ut the has lessrrifbrstylinrift sthidee.

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