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Poverty Spirit Detox | Letting Go of the Things that are Owning You

You ever get the mood to get rid of ALL the things, but then feel guilty about just throwing stuff out when you really should hold onto it and try to sell it first?

Yeah, me too…and that’s how I end up with my spare bedroom being a never ending turn-style of random boxes of stuff I should have just donated to the thrift store months ago.

This past Christmas as I was asked what I wanted, it struck me that what I really wanted was less stuff and more free space. So the wishlist I gave my husband was more a list of stuff I wanted to finally get rid of, rather than a list of new things I wanted to bring into the house.

Chakras and an Unknown God | Redemptive Postures

Taking a redemptive posture doesn’t always mean reclaiming whatever needs redeeming. It can also mean redirecting to a Kingdom truth. With chakras I am not proposing that we study them and embrace them as good. What I am proposing is that we take a redemptive posture as Paul did at Mars Hill.

Easter Inner Healing

The Easter story is one that Christians and non-Christians alike know well. Christ was crucified on a cross and rose again three days later. While we know the story well, we often miss what is actually in scripture and what is common doctrine. In our songs and liturgy, our story times, and common theology we have taught that at the moment of Christ’s death God turned His face away. That all of heaven looked away. We build theology and explanations around why a loving God would abandon His Son and look away. But what if none of these contrived explanations were necessary? What if God doesn’t need us to defend His actions?

Hands Down, Hands Up Prayer | A New Year’s Meditation

Hands down, hands up prayer is an exercise in letting go and receiving. As we enter the new year these days between Christmas and New Year’s can be an excellent time for reflection and setting our intention and resolutions for 2017.

When we think of resolutions thoughts of hitting the gym, starting a diet, or instituting some new habit come to mind. But what if this year instead of focusing on your short comings and the things you have failed at, you handed it all over the Jesus and asked Him what He has for you this year?

How to Hear God’s Voice

The best thing you can do to for your health body-mind-spirit is to be in constant conversation with God. Training your “ears” to hear God’s voice begins with learning to discern the voices you listen to on a daily basis.

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