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At the beginning of this year (2016) a friend told me about a skin care line she was selling called Nerium. While I’ve always been pretty good about washing my face in the morning and evening, I’ve never really done a whole skin care regimen with cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I did a 7 day sample of Nerium’s age defying night cream and realized something big. I’m getting old. And using a moisturizer regardless of brand might be a good idea. My mom sells doTerra so I thought I would try their skin care line too and compare the results. So here’s my review of the two skin care lines I have tried since having this, “hey you’re over 25, maybe you should take better care of your skin,” revelation.

Nerium’s Age Defying Night Cream

Header_bottle3What I liked: I loved the smell. I liked the tightening effect it had on my skin as it dried. When I would wash it off in the morning my skin felt really soft and smooth and I did notice a difference in the tightness of my pores, the brightness of my complexion, and the overall health of my skin. I also like that the main ingredients are plant extracts.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t like that it had to be put on wet. I’m just not a damp hands or face kind of girl and prefer facial products that get rinsed and patted dry, or quickly absorb into the skin on their own. I also didn’t like the price. A one month supply of Nerium’s Age Defying Night Cream is $110 retail. And that’s just for a night cream, I would still need to get cleanser for morning and night and toner and moisturizer for the morning. Another concerning thing for me is possible filler ingredients. I couldn’t tell for sure if it is 100% plant extracts or if there are other ingredients as well.

Conclusion: The results I saw from this night cream after just a week were pretty impressive. I’m not sure if it’s because I was using a night cream regardless of brand since I hadn’t been using one at all, or if Nerium’s product really is that amazing. Either way, if you want to give it a try they offer a 30-day money back guarantee even if you use the whole bottle.

doTerra’s Verage Skin Care Line

What I liked: I love the smell of this whole line. I liked that the Verage line has everything I need in it. I like how little is needed for each use and how long the products last. I am still on my first set and I’ve been using it all for about 2 months. I expect one set to last me about 3 months. I also like that the toner has a spray top so I can spritz it into my hand and apply to my face rather than wasting it on a cotton ball. I also love how my face feels after using it and how cleanly and quickly the moisturizer absorbs into my skin. I have noticed continued improvement with my skin health and complexion and now go most days without any makeup. I also love that these are made from essential oils and are a natural approach to skin care.

What I didn’t like: At first I didn’t like the spray top on the toner because spraying it on my face was not working very well. It was hard to keep out of my eyes and was really difficult to get it to evenly coat my face. Some nights when I’m super tired I also don’t like the multiple steps involved in this skin care line. It was nice and easy with Nerium to just cleanse and then apply the age defying night cream instead of patting dry. Another concerning thing for me is possible filler ingredients. The ingredients are not 100% essential oils, and the other ingredients listed sound just like every facial line out there.

Conclusion: The price point is much easier at $112 for a 2-3 month supply of everything I need vs $110 for a one month supply of just one product. Nerium and doTerra are both MLM (multi-level marketing) so you are going to either pay a bit more as a “customer” or have to be ready to enroll in their program and order monthly. I’m still on a quest to find a great facial product line I like that is non-MLM. I have found an awesome non-mlm essential oil option though that you can read about here.

Overall Conclusion


Take care of your skin! Especially if you’ve just hit your mid-twenties and are starting to realize your skin may need more attention than you’ve been giving it! No matter what product line you use, use one! A good skin care regimen will include: cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. I recommend looking for skin care lines that are as natural as possible and free from chemical additives. You can find good natural skin care lines at Whole Foods, from Little Barn Apothecary, or you can make your own. The point here is not to use one brand over another as much as the point is to use something!




I was not paid to use any of these products or do a review of any of them. I am sharing this information only to inform others of my experience and encourage healthy skin care.

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