What to Expect

What to expect - Shelemah inner healing

It all starts with a free consultation call

During your call, we’ll discuss your goals, the areas you want help, emotional and spiritual struggles you are facing, what you’ve tried before, and how my services can support you in being as healthy, whole, and close to Jesus as possible.

We’ll also discuss which services you are most interested in, which ones I recommend for the issues you are struggling with, and how many sessions should be expected.

I’ll answer any questions you may have and if you’re ready to move forward, we’ll discuss next steps for scheduling your appointment and resources I recommend in the meantime.

Scheduling & Forms

Once we’ve scheduled your appointment (often over email after your call when we’ve both had time to check our calendars), you’ll fill out a New Client Information form and a New Client Agreement Form. Both forms are totally online through a secure service so there’s no printing stuff out and scanning it.

If you’re doing an online appointment you’ll get an invoice email to pay before your scheduled appointment time. For in person appointments you’ll pay in person at the appointment.

Online Appointments

For online appointments we’ll use doxy.me for video call. It does not require you download any software and is HIPPA compliant. When it is time for your appointment you can enter the video call through this link. You can also use the Doxy.me app for iOS or Android instead of your computer webcam if you prefer. When using the mobile app the room name is “Shelemah”.

In Person Appointments

In person appointments are held in the metro Atlanta area. I use the Regus network of day offices. When we schedule your appointment we’ll select the day office location that best for both of us. When you arrive for your appointment I’ll meet you in the lobby of the day office.

For appointments with children and families I can make house calls so the little ones can feel more comfortable and have the freedom to take breaks. Often we will work with one child to start, let them go play if they get restless, work on mom, dad, or another sibling, and then come back to the first child to finish anything up after they’ve had a chance for a break.

A Typical Session

Each session varies a bit based on the type of service and of course your individual needs; but every session begins with prayer.

We’ll start off discussing a little bit about what you are currently struggling with since things may have changed since our call or last session. We’ll open in prayer and then we’ll dive in to using whatever tools are a part of the service you’re seeking.

For inner healing sessions we’ll go back and forth between talking about issues, praying over you, and leading you in prayer and hearing God for yourself.

For mind-body work, Captive Thought Therapy, and Splankna we’ll work on identifying specific emotions and limiting beliefs as we talk through issues (or muscle test with Splankna). Then we’ll use tapping and point holding exercises to work on releasing those emotions and replacing those limiting beliefs with truth.

At the end of every session I’ll pray for you and then follow up via email with additional resources to support the work we did in your session.

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