splanknalogoSplankna Therapy The first Christian mind-body protocol that works with releasing emotions stored in the meridian system of the body. To see what a typical session is like check out this Splankna demo video. More information about this therapy can be found at the Splankna Therapy Institute www.splankna.com and this blog post.

Sessions held in Metro Atlanta.
For other states check the Splankna directory for a practitioner in your area.
1 Hour Session $100
Half day (3 hours) intensive session $250
Full day  (6 hours) intensive session $500


Inner Healing  Greater levels of emotional and spiritual health is possible through inner healing. Sessions combine sozo, prayer ministry, and EFT tapping tools to guide you into greater levels of freedom and wholeness.

Available in person and online via skype/video call
1 Hour Session $100


reading-2Discipleship Life Coaching Grow in your maturity as a Christian, understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses, deepen your knowledge of the Word, and increase your intimacy with God.

Available in person and online via skype/video call
1 Hour Session $50
4 Session Package $150


wellness-groupEnrichment Groups These groups are designed to help you be as healthy, whole and close to Jesus as possible. Groups focus on building sustainable healthy lifestyles, body-mind-spirit. Groups scheduled seasonally. Also available for workshops, church groups, and retreats.

Cost Varies by group


lotus-2Retreats Times away to focus on health often lead to some of our biggest breakthroughs. Shelemah retreats are posted here when scheduled and private retreats for church groups, friends, etc. are available by request.

Cost varies by retreat