Appointments are available Monday-Friday 9am-4pm EST worldwide via video call and in person in Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta Office Locations:

5555 Glenridge Connector
Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30342

100 Hartsfield Center Parkway
Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30354

Online Video Calls:
Videos calls are through there is no software to download and it is HIPPA compliant


women praying togetherInner Healing

Greater levels of emotional and spiritual health are possible through inner healing. Sessions combine sozo and other prayer ministry tools to guide you into greater levels of freedom and wholeness.

Available in person and online via secure video call.
1 Hour Session $100

Captive Thought TherapyCaptive Thought Therapy 

Christian approach to releasing emotions we have stored as physical memories. I’ll guide you through focused touch at various acupressure points to release those body memories that we identify through what’s obvious as well as listening prayer. Uses a combination of EFT, TFT, and inner healing prayer.

Available in person and online via secure video call.
1 Hour Session $100

splanknalogoSplankna Therapy

Christian mind-body protocol that works with releasing emotions stored in the meridian system of the body. More information about this therapy can be found at the Splankna Therapy Institute and this blog post.

Sessions held in person only
For other states check the Splankna directory for a practitioner in your area.
1 Hour Session $100


custom flower essence label for flower essence therapyFlower Essence Therapy

A gentle support to inner healing work and emotional health. Targeted to work on the emotional issues you are facing, I have often seen how flower essences can be the tipping point towards breakthrough.

Consultation and Custom Blend $100
30 minute phone or video call consultation to discuss your needs
Follow up by email to confirm your custom blend
1 oz custom flower essence blend that will last you about a month
Shipping costs to US for your blend



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