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Top 10 Holistic Health Netflix Picks

Trying to find some binge-worthy Netflix? Wanting to watch something that will actually help you live healthy and free? Try one of these from my top 10 holistic health Netflix picks to nourish your body-mind-spirit. (All instant watch of course at time of posting this article, who requests DVDs anymore?)

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Setting Intentions in the New Year

January is here! Maybe you were planning for it weeks in advance, or may it crept up on you out of nowhere, but whether you made your resolutions for the year already or not, there’s still plenty of time to choose what you want this year to be about and set you intentions rather than just letting the year happen to you in a blur.

Christian meditation with the Soultime app

Christian Meditation with Soultime

Sadly, many Christians have lost the practice of meditation assuming that it is a non-Christian practice. Meditation is often thought of as emptying your mind, sitting funny, and chanting om. But the word meditate actually means “to think deeply or carefully about something.” With Christian meditation we are not emptying our minds to focus on nothing. We are focusing on the truths of scripture, the presence of God, and hearing his voice clearly. That may include emptying our minds of the grocery list, emails that need responding to, and the other distracting things our minds obsess over, but it is an emptying with intent to fill.

Stages of Trauma Recovery

One of the most puzzling things new clients will tell me is, “Oh I haven’t experienced any trauma.” After they’ve listed all the things they are looking for help with — the relational issues, anxiety, crises of faith, and sleep disturbances, to a name a few, they somehow don’t understand that these symptoms came from somewhere.

New Book! Body Coaching: Losing Weight Through Positive Self-Talk

What if you could lose weight just by talking to yourself? That’s the question we sought to answer as my co-author and I went on the journey of writing our new book, Body Coaching: Losing Weight Through Positive Self-Talk. We weren’t interested in just another diet or weight loss plan, we wanted to know what it would look like to address weight issues through inner healing, dealing with emotional roots, and bringing our bodies, minds, and spirits into alignment.

Building a Better Breakfast

I know I don’t have to tell you breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Personally, I love breakfast because I love breakfast food. Hot coffee with whole cream, toasty buttered waffles, and perfectly scrambled eggs are just a few of my favorite things.

But almost as much as I love the glorious fatty carby combos that are somehow only deemed acceptable on a breakfast plate, I love the way eating breakfast in the morning makes me feel. The ritual of it.

Holistic Dental Care | Washing Your Mouth out with Soap

It’s absolutely possible to have healthy teeth without all the dental cleanings and work. That doesn’t mean that you just neglect your teeth, it’s just that the typical dental care we’ve been taught isn’t necessarily the best there is. There are lots of good holistic products out there on the market right now, but you do need to understand a few key ingredients.

How Flower Essences Can Help You be Healthy & Whole

Ever feel like getting healthy would be easier if you were already healthier? While there’s no magic shortcut for the hard work of making the lifestyle changes needed for health, flower essences can help with the emotional heavy lifting to get you that much closer to the breakthrough you’ve been looking for.

2017 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

Wondering what to get for the health conscious Christian lady on your list? This crunchy Christian gift guide will give you lots of great ideas of what to give, and maybe even some ideas of what you want to put on your own wishlist.

Health Tips from a Flight Attendant

Air travel is fast and convenient compared to the boats and trains of the past. But with all long distance travel involving enclosed spaces, germs abound and so do the chances you could catch something from your fellow travelers. As a flight attendant I can’t afford to get sick every time I go to work, so over the years I’ve found some tips and tricks for having a happy and healthy flight.

Why Fertility Health Matters Even When You’re Not Trying To Get Pregnant

I’ve heard all the excuses why fertility isn’t important…”I’m not trying to get pregnant right now.” “We are on the five year plan.” “I’m on birth control pills.” “We are not having any more kids.” “I’m only 18” or “I’m already 50.” Surely I don’t need to be concerned about my fertility health. Right?! Well, actually wrong! Your hormones and reproductive organs do more than just allow you to get pregnant. They are central to you being happy, healthy, and living a long fulfilled life. Your fertility health matters even when you are not trying to get pregnant.

What Your Body Clock is Trying to Tell You

Your body clock is a powerful time piece. The meridian clock combined with your circadian rhythm can tell a lot about your physical and emotional health. Throughout the day body systems are active or resting at different times. Knowing what systems are active when can give you insight into what problems you are facing or may face soon. The circadian rhythm is that inner clock that knows to get up when the sun rises and to get sleepy when it sets. Our modern culture with black out curtains and bright electronics late at night can confuse our circadian rhythms and leave our bodies a little confused about when we are supposed to do what.

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Dry Brushing for Skin, Circulatory, and Lymphatic Health

Dry brushing is my favorite simple healthy lifestyle practice to recommend. It doesn’t require you to spend a lot of money, adjust your eating habits, or hit the gym, but it provides numerous benefits including: increased circulation, better lymphatic function, improved skin condition, and greater mental alertness. There’s no excuse why you can’t add dry brushing to your daily routine with such huge benefits for such little effort.

Breaking a spirit of barrenness

Breaking a Spirit of Barrenness

A spirit of barrenness can affect you even if you’ve never struggled with infertility. If you’ve ever felt shame at the thought of being pregnant it’s likely this spirit may be affecting you.

How to Brew Kombucha at Home

Kombucha has become super popular lately with crunchy granola types and non-crunchies alike for its wealth of health benefits and fizzy alternative to soda. The only problem with kombucha is at $3+ a bottle this delicious elixir can get expensive quickly. Brewing kombucha at home is a great way to save money and have total control over the ingredients. This post will give you the 10 easy steps to brew kombucha at home so you can start enjoying your own home fermentation. You won’t be an expert just from this post, but you will be drinking your own home-brewed kombucha.

Christians and Acupuncture: The Points You Want to Know | Redemptive Postures Series

Acupuncture is one of the more recent Eastern Medicines to find acceptance in the Western medical world. Much like chiropractic, this healing method is based on the meridian system of the body and seeks to strengthen the healing potential your body already has. A lot of people get freaked out by the thought of needles …

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