2017 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

Wondering what to get for the health conscious Christian lady on your list? This crunchy Christian gift guide will give you lots of great ideas of what to give, and maybe even some ideas of what you want to put on your own wishlist.

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Crunchy Christian Gift Guide #giftguide

1. The Passion Translation New Testament

The Passion Translation has been my favorite Bible translation since I found out about it. This year they finally released their complete New Testament (you used to have to get each book of the Bible individually). What I love about the Passion Translation is how it combines the phrase by phrase cultural translation of a NASB or HCSB with natural modern language. It doesn’t over simplify, but still brings a freshness to scripture that I hadn’t found in years. Get it in hardcover like pictured here or in leatherette in five different colors.

2. Reverse Osmosis Filter

Maybe not the most exciting gift, but a major life improvement. We finally got one this year, after fighting with counter top pitcher filters, and I wish we hadn’t waited so long to get it! Installation was unbelievably simple and now we have fluoride free water whenever we want. I looked at a lot of RO filters before I bought mine and chose this one based on reviews from consumers and expert guides. It has one of the lowest rates of waste water (important for how much it costs to run), the filters are inexpensive, and they only need to be replaced every few years.

3. Flower Essences with Travel Case

Flower essences are water infusions that have taken the frequency of specific flowers. They are a gentle approach to addressing emotional issues in people and pets. I love recommending them to my clients to support inner healing work. The new travel cases from Freedom Flowers makes it easy to take flower essences with you wherever you go. They also can hold lip balm, arnica pellets, or any other similarly sized bottle. Perfect little stocking stuffers for crunchy loved one.

4. Dry Brush

Dry brushing is the best thing you can do for your winter skin. When we layer up all winter our skin needs some extra loving to help it exfoliate and stay healthy. This set includes a dry brush, back scrubber, and a facial sponge to help keep every inch of your skin glowing all through the cold winter months.



5. Wildcraft Herbal Adventure Game

Ever wondered what herbs or other plants in your garden are good for healing? Learn about herbal remedies, foraging edible plants, and how to identify the plants you find in this fun board game for ages 4 to adult. Wildcraft was my favorite birthday present this year and I’ve loved learning from it! Guidebooks are great but nothing beats the tactile engagement of a game for learning! You may even get some ideas of things you want to plant this spring that you never knew were so useful.

6. The Shack DVD

If you’ve seen The Shack you know how good it is! If you haven’t seen it yet, you need to! What I love about The Shack is how it walks you through the healing process. I know several sexual abuse victims that say reading/watching The Shack was the first time they actually felt like someone understood what they had been through. Despite what you may have heard, The Shack really does stick to traditional Christian belief and presents God as loving and meeting us where we are at in our healing journey. You can read more of my thoughts on it here.

7. Wholetones Christmas

Wholetones music uses A=444hz tuning which is called the Key of David. This alternate tuning is soothing to the mind and body and many find ministers to their spirit as well. Their Christmas album has instrumental versions of Christmas classics you know and love, but like you’ve never heard them before. They also have a non-Christmas set with two and a half hours of soothing instrumental music. You can read more about healing frequency music here.

Exclusive coupon for Shelemah Tribe members! 8. Electric teapot

An electric tea kettle is a must have for perfectly easy cups of tea or pour over coffee. What I love about this electric kettle is that it’s actually pretty. It doesn’t just look like yet another small appliance on my counter; and the temperature settings ensure you make the perfect cup of tea. Willow & Everett was super sweet to offer a coupon to my subscribers. So if you’re already a Shelemah Tribe member, hop on over to the free resource library for your coupon code. And if you’re not a member yet you can subscribe at the bottom of this post.

9. Batiste Dry Shampoo

Men that may be reading this, do not buy the woman in your life dry shampoo as their only gift. You’ve been warned 😉 My hairstylist/friend introduced me to Batiste this year and I’m hooked. The last thing I want to do on a cold winter day is get my hair wet to wash it. Dry shampoo lets me go a day or two without washing and without a greasy shine. I’m usually very careful about the products I use, but for an occasional use to get through the winter I’ve decided that I’m ok with dry shampoo.



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10. Aquaponic Fish Tank

I’m a firm believer in having something living in every room of the house. This aquaponic fish tank does double duty on that goal. The fish enjoys hiding in the roots of the plant and may nibble on them too; and the plant filters the water keeping the tank clean and the plant fertilized. Peace lilies are known for being great at purifying the air and the beta fish is a great little friend to keep at your desk. This tank doesn’t come with a plant or fish though so you will need to get those and some fish food separately to complete the gift.

11. The Big Book of Kombucha

If you’ve ever thought about brewing your own kombucha, this book is a must have. It teaches you everything you’d ever need to know about the brewing process, what to do if something goes wrong, and ideas for flavoring. It’s actually easier to brew kombucha at home than you may think (here’s how to do it in 10 easy steps) so why not try your hand at making it instead of paying $3 a bottle at the store. Christmas lights can help keep your kombucha at a happy temp as it brews so might as well keep those out even after the holidays are over.

12. Edens Garden Hydrosols 

I love Edens Garden‘s essential oils and am so excited about the new hydrosols they released this year! Hydrosols are the water byproduct that comes from distilling essential oils. They still have the healing properties that the oils do but in a much gentler form, meaning they are safe to use with babies and kids. Because they are the byproduct they are also much cheaper than the essential oil so for expensive oils like neroli and frankincense, hydrosols are a great way to get the benefits without the high price. 

13. Yoga blocks 

Have you given up on yoga because you can’t do the poses? Yoga blocks may be the answer! As you build flexibility, yoga blocks can help you get the length you need to hold a pose, help you find your balance, and support your knees and hips. Even if you’re a pro, yoga blocks can provide guidance to perfect your pose and keep your posture aligned.


14. Inner Healing Gift Certificate 

One of the most life changing gifts you can give or get is the gift of inner healing. I offer gift certificates for my online and in person services working with you on emotional and spiritual healing on your journey to being as healthy, whole, and close to Jesus as possible. You can learn more about the services I offer here and read testimonies from some of my clients.


15. Bubble Tea Kit

Love bubble tea? Now you can make it at home! Flavor Purveyor’s new boba set has everything you need but the milk to have delicious bubble tea at home. Available on Flavor Purveyor’s website and on Uncommon Goods Flavor Purveyor also has a variety of teas, herbals, and blends on their website. I’m particularly fond of their white ginger pear tea and mulling spices. 

16. Nordicware Popcorn Popper

I’m a big fan of homemade popcorn as a healthy snack. As much as I love making it on the stove, I often don’t have the patience to make it that way. The Nordicware popcorn popper lets you make microwave popcorn without all the chemicals that come with bagged microwave popcorn. 1/3 a cup popcorn kernels, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, some sea salt to finish and you’ll have chemical free fresh popcorn in just two minutes.

17. Waterpik Flosser

Historically I have been terrible about remembering to floss. A few years ago my husband and I got a Waterpik as our lame adult gift to ourselves. While I still don’t remember to floss as often as I should, I acutally use the Waterpik consistently. It’s also much more gentle and effective than string flossing. You know how the dentist calls out numbers for your gums when you get a cleaning? The last time my husband went they called out all zeros and ones and were super impressed with how healthy his gums were from flossing with the Waterpik.

18. Yoga Anatomy Book

Knowing what muscles you are working is super important for putting together your own yoga flow. This book shows you pose by pose what muscles are getting worked and how to do the pose correctly. It’s also great for figuring out what muscle it is that just isn’t happy with a certain pose and needs some special attention. This book has helped me be more aware of my body as I practice yoga and avoid injury by doing poses correctly.

For even more gift ideas check out last year’s holistic health gift guide.



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