The No Fear Guide to Protecting Your Home from EMFs

Concerns about protecting your home from EMFs (electro magnetic frequencies) and 5G have started to become more mainstream, as more people take an interest in natural and holistic approaches to health, and begin to question the effects of all the technology constantly surrounding us. If you’re new to the topic of EMFs and the potential concerns I recommend the EMF Guide website for a great introduction to the topic.

As you research EMFs the one thing I would encourage you to do most of all is not give into fear. We can be cautious and wise about caring for our homes and families, while not coming under a spirit of fear and panic. If you already know this topic will send you into a spiral of fear, please close the post, spend some time in prayer, hand those fears over to Jesus. You’re better off naive of EMFs and free from a spirit of fear than you are EMF savvy and oppressed by fear.

As you research EMFs the one thing I would encourage you to do most of all is not give into fear.

There is some debate about the safety of EMFs and whether they are even worth worrying about. In many ways it reminds me of how people were laughed at for being worried about bacteria before we fully understood the risks and how simple things like hand washing could make a difference. Even in the modern era doctors scoffed at the idea that their neckties could be spreading disease from patient to patient and many are still resistant to ditching the necktie in favor of better disease control.

We might not be able to see EMFs or fully measure if the devices said to protect from them actually do so. But long before we had microscopes, people starting realizing that washing our hands regularly helped stop the spread of disease. There’s great information out there for you decide yourself where you land on feeling EMFs are worth taking precautions and what precautions you think are effective. I’m not here to convince you one way or another, but I will share what I have found useful in my own research and use to protect my home and family from EMFs and encourage you to find the simple “hand washing” type things you can do, that certainly won’t hurt and are worth the precautionary effort.

Protecting Your Home from EMFs

EMF Meters

The first step in protecting your home from EMFs is determining where your hot spots are and how bad the exposure is. This is the expensive but really good EMF meter I recommend and this is the cheaper but gives you a good general idea EMF meter that I personally use.

EMF Blocking

EMF blocking devices physically block the electromagnetic fields by creating a barrier between you and the EMF source or enclosing the EMF source in a faraday cage. These products can be great for known sources of EMF and protecting specific areas of your home or person. Blocking key sources of EMF is the simplest thing you can do for protecting your home from EMFs.

Smart Meter Cover

Most of the power meters on our houses today are considered “smart” meters. The nice thing about them is the power company can read them remotely instead of sending out a guy to read the meter every month, but the not so nice thing is that they were’t really designed with EMF safety in mind. These meters put off strong electromagnetic fields, which are especially concerning if there’s a bedroom on the inside wall opposite them.

smart meter cover to protect from EMFs

You can try contacting your power company to see if they’ll switch you back to a non-smart meter. But likely the easier and cheaper option is to get a smart meter cover. These covers complete the circuit around the plastic parts of the meter, keeping the electromagnetic field isolated to a much smaller spot. They install in seconds and come off easily should anyone need to access the meter readings manually.

WiFi Cage

Similar to the smart meter covers, wifi cages limit the extent of the electromagnetic fields while still allowing your wifi to function. Another simple thing you can do is turn your WiFi off at night or when not in use. Ideally if you can ditch WiFi and use ethernet cables at home instead that does help even more, but with all our connected devices these days that is becoming harder and harder to do.

Shielding Blankets and Cases

Blankets and cases made of special fabric block EMFs from reaching specific areas of your body. They do not contain EMF like a faraday cage or completely stop it from emitting into the room, but they do block it directionally. For example, I use an EMF shielding phone case in my purse to keep my phone from emitting EMF directly towards my body. Laptop pads or shielding blankets are a great way to protect your organs and especially reproductive system from direct EMF exposure. Defender Shield offers several options for cases and blankets and other EMF protection devices.

EMF Mitigating

EMF mitigating devices work by neutralizing the EMF so it isn’t harmful, or emitting their own fields that are beneficial, counteracting the harmful EMF. With EMF blocking and shielding devices you can measure the difference they make with an EMF meter. EMF mitigating devices do not block your exposure which means an EMF meter will not show a difference with or without the device. Without being able to measure the effectiveness with a meter it can feel like these mitigating devices are a scam, and some may be, so it’s important to research and test them for yourself to see what helps your family.

Before using an EMF mitigating device, take notice of symptoms you may be experiencing and their severity. You’ll want to be able to track if the device is helping or if you may be experiencing a bit of detox as you first use the device.

Common symptoms of Chronic EMF exposure:
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue/Dizziness/Nausea
  • Body aches
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Tension/Stress/Irritability
  • Skin tingling or burning sensations
  • Allergies/Flu-like symptoms
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Memory/Concentration issues
  • Eye strain and vision loss
  • Tinnitus

The first few days you use a device you may notice these symptoms show up for the first time or increase in intensity. This can be a detox as your body gets used to the device. When we first started using our whole home device, I had persistent headaches that are not normal for me. I would plug the device in a few hours a day until my body acclimated to it and the headaches stopped.

Whole Home EMF Protection Devices

Whole home EMF mitigating devices are some of the most expensive EMF protection options. There are three brands I’ve looked into for myself, and many more out there you can investigate as well.


Aulterra has been in the EMF protection business for over 20 years. Their products have been independently tested and evaluated in peer reviewed studies numerous times. They have a whole line of products, but their whole house and whole car devices are the most studied. These devices use paramagnetic minerals to neutralize EMFs by retuning them to coherent fields. So yes, if you bust them open like some Amazon reviewers have done, you will just find “a bunch of dirt”. Highly researched and demonstrated to be effective “dirt”. They look like little USB drives you plug in anywhere in your house or car and then just let them do their thing. They do not expire and draw no electricity. I use the whole house and car devices to protect my family and can tell a difference since we started using them. (This is the device I mentioned above that gave me a bit of a detox effect). If you’re skeptical or just want a budget friendly option, the Aulterra products are the lowest price point of any whole house EMF protection devices, their whole house USB plug is $80 and they often run sales.


Blueshield also has a large portion of their website devoted to research, studies, and scientific explanations for how their products work. Their devices use scalar energy fields to counteract EMFs giving our bodies a more harmonious field to “listen” to than the EMFs. I have friends that use them and have been pleased with them, but I’m still saving up to try one for myself. If you want a whole house device that actively does something this is a great device to consider. They have different sizes for covering just a bedroom, a whole house, or even an office building. Keep in mind where you spend most of your time, that’s where you’ll want to focus your EMF protection efforts. Their base model starts at $299.


Somavedic is the EMF protection device you’ve likely seen posted all over Instagram. They have a generous affiliate program and really sharp marketing and branding, so it’s a bit hard to sort through if it’s actually a good device or good marketing. They do have multiple studies on their devices posted on their site, but what frustrates me is the flaws in the methodology of those studies and their lack of explanation of how their devices work. The only explanation they give is “Somavedic is designed on the principle of controlled release of energy from precious and semi-precious stones. Creating a coherent field covering more than 2,800+ square feet.” That’s it. That’s the whole explanation. In theory it sounds similar to how the Aulterra paramagnetic minerals work, but Aulterra has whole pages of their site explaining those principles along with independent research to back it up, as does Blueshield in explaining scalar fields. I’ve tried on multiple occasions to get Somavedic to explain in more detail and they just respond with the same limited information that’s already on their site. Tech Wellness had similar concerns and did a deep dive researching if Somavedic is worth the hefty price tag and what they found confirmed my suspicions – Somavedic is more slick marketing than it is an effective EMF mitigating device. While I do not recommend Somavedic, I mention them here because they are very popular right now and felt it was important to compare them to other EMF mitigation products.

Phone Stickers

The EMF phone stickers are considered neutralizers or mitigators. They do not block EMF, but neutralize the negative effects from it by introducing their own limited range wave field. Aulterra uses the same methods in their stickers as their whole home devices, and Q-Link is another reputable brand that offers EMF neutralizing stickers. I use the Aulterra stickers on my phone and laptop. EMF Academy has a great article about the stickers and how they work.


Shungite is a mineraloid found in Russia that is reported to have natural EMF mitigating effects. The unique carbon structure of shungite is thought to neutralize the harmful aspects of EMF either by absorbing it or emitting a counteracting field depending on what research you look at. The most common ways to use shungite are wearing jewelry made from it or placing pieces of it around the home. I also now use a shungite phone case from Radenergy and have been very pleased with it.

Shungite jewelry laid out on a table for EMF protection

Fake shungite has become more of a problem as it has caught on in popularity, so be sure any you buy is sourced from Karelia, Russia, one of the only places it is known to be found. Heal Minerals on Etsy was my favorite shop for buying shungite. I  ordered from them several times and typically wear a shungite necklace or bracelet every day. Unfortunately with the current situation in Russia Heal Minerals is no longer selling on Etsy. I have not ordered from ShungiteZazhoginoEMF yet, but they are highly rated for having genuine shungite from Karelia Russia.

Bio Essences

Fighting frequencies with frequencies, the EMF Shield bio essence blend from Freedom Flowers is an easy way to introduce beneficial frequencies to your body to counteract the cumulative stress from EMF exposure. They’ve really thought through this blend not just addressing current EMF exposure, but including frequencies to help deal with the damage already done.

Emotional Support

For some, EMFs seem to not just affect them physically but they feel emotionally affected as well – anxious, unsettled, overstimulated. I have found flower essences, especially the Yarrow Shield blend also from Freedom Flowers to be helpful for dealing with the emotional side of things, which often helps alleviate the physical responses as well since there isn’t as much underlying emotional content driving it.

Going Device Free

Ideally the more you can disconnect from EMF producing devices the better, but even keeping devices away from your body by a few inches to feet can make a huge difference. Simple things like: using speaker phone instead of holding your phone to your head, keeping your phone on the other side of the room at night (even better if off or at least in airplane mode), or putting your WiFi router in a closet instead of right under your desk can reduce the amount of EMF you are exposed to.







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