2021 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

It’s time for the sixth annual Crunchy Christian Gift Guide! Every year I round up my favorite gift ideas for the crunchy granola, Jesus loving types on your gift list (and you’re of course welcome to get inspiration for your own wish list too!) 

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1. Emily Lex Watercolor Books

I’ve been following Emily Lex since her Jones Design Co. blogging days and have loved watching her grow as a watercolor artist and now as an author too! These watercolor workbooks make a great gift for young and old that are wanting to get into painting especially when paired with a basic watercolor set. She also has online watercolor classes for adults and kids. 
emily lex watercolor book

2. Aulterra EMF Neutralizers

For the EMF conscious on your list, the Aulterra neutralizers are a great option for protecting your home, car, and devices from harmful EMF fields. EMF mitigating devices work by neutralizing the EMF so it isn’t harmful, or emitting their own fields that are beneficial, counteracting the harmful EMF. My family uses the home, car, and devices stickers and we’ve felt the difference in feeling less stressed by our devices since we started using them. Aulterra’s Family Pack is a great way to get stocking stuffers for the whole family. 
Aulterra EMF neutralizing family pack

3. Every Thought Captive: 11 Christian Tapping Exercises for Emotional Freedom

My newest book! Guide yourself to greater emotional health using the same exercises I use with my clients. 
This easy to follow workbook introduces you to Captive Thought Therapy and equips you with tools to process your emotions using declarations, and inner healing prayer to help you take your thoughts captive. 
Every thought captive CTT workbook

4. Toe Separators

Foot health is foundational for posture and alignment all the way up. The shoes we wear often create foot health problems by reshaping our toe alignment and weakening our feet. Correct Toes toe separators help realign your feet to their natural shape allowing for better movement and strength. Wearing them for even just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference. Natural Footgear also has tons of great resources on foot health, barefoot shoes, and strengthening exercises. 
Correct Toes toe separators

5. The Chosen DVD set

If you haven’t seen The Chosen yet, you definitely need to! And if you have seen it, you know you’ll want to have a DVD set to watch over and over! Seasons 1 & 2 are now available as a bundle. 16 episodes total that bring the Bible to life in a powerful way! 
The Chosen Dvd set

6. Living Home

Lauren Dahl of Living Home has the most wonderful collection of natural home and body goods, many of which she makes herself! I’ve really loved her tooth powder and body butter and can’t wait to get more of what she offers! You’re sure to find the perfect gift or gift basket for the crunchy on your list with Living Home! Be sure to follow her on Instagram too for clean living inspiration! She’s one of my favorite accounts to follow and gives great recommendations on everything from air purifiers and organic mattresses to buying bulk and storing food long term. 

7. Homemade Treats

One of my favorite gifts to give and get every year is homemade cookies, jams, and other treats! And making them yourself gives you complete control over the ingredients so you can make them organic, non-GMO, low sugar, gluten free, or whatever other need your gift recipient may need! I always make a big batch of apple butter and my favorite Christmas cookies to have on hand for hostess gifts. but if you don’t have time to make anything yourself, awesome bakers like Ginny Wilcox will make delicious small batch treats for you! She even has a cookie of the month subscription so you can send homebaked goods year round! 

8. Mila Air Purifier

Top of my personal wishlist this year, is a Mila air purifier. I’ve loved the concept behind Mila since I first saw their Kickstarter years ago and it’s time for me to finally get one of my own! There are so many air purifiers out there, many of which are fantastic, but what I love about Mila is the high quality without the thousand dollar price point of other air purifiers with the same performance. Just one Mila can handle my semi-open 1,200 sq ft 1940s home and their Critter Cuddler filter is a must with my super-shedder German shepherd. They have seven different filter options to meet your family’s needs and you can switch it up as needs change and a subscription program so you never have to remember to order a new filter. 

9. Old Try Prints

Old Try has a letter press print for everyone on your list, but my personal favorite is their “In Atlanta” print (they have other cities too). Our church has this print hanging in the offices and I just knew I had to get one for our home the second I saw it. You can shop their site by state so you’re sure to find a print that feels like home and 10% of every sale goes to supporting foster families to help make sure every kid feels at home too. 

10. Flavor Purveyor Teas

You might remember Flavor Purveyor from 2016’s gift guide with their Bubble Tea Kit, back then under the name K-Teas. They’ve rebranded since then and are worth putting on your gift list more than ever with their amazing line up of loose leaf teas! I’ve always been amazed at the quality of their teas and the delicious blends of flavor I’ve never found anywhere else. My personal favorites are: The Florist, White Ginger Pear, and Spiced Orange Chamomile (the only chamomile tea I’ve ever liked!)

11. Write the Word Journals

I love finding new ways to connect deeper with God through scripture. Write the Word journals are a beautiful way to go from just reading the Bible to writing it on your heart as you write out each day’s verses in your own handwriting. As they encourage on their site: “Research has shown that when we write something in our own hand, our brain begins storing, connecting, and applying the information in deeper ways than if we had simply read it. By lingering over a small selection of scripture each day, users have told us they’re more quick to recall and apply the wisdom of the Bible in their daily lives!” They have almost a dozen topical journals perfect for the crunchy Christians on your list, plus two journals geared towards kids and a set focused completely on the Psalms. 

12. Suds2Go 

Hand washing has become all the more important since 2020 and hand sanitizer the new must have purse item. But if you’re like me, hand sanitizer doesn’t really leave your hands feeling clean – enter Suds2Go. Their ingenious water bottle/soap pump design makes it easy to wash your hands on the go and you can still use the water bottle just as a water bottle. Hydration and hand sanitation! What more could a crunchy girl want?

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