2022 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

It’s time for the seventh annual Crunchy Christian Gift Guide! This year has been a whirlwind adjusting to new mom life! But I couldn’t miss our annual gift guide! Here’s this years picks for the crunchy granola, Jesus loving types on your gift list (and you’re of course welcome to get inspiration for your own wish list too!)

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Whatever is on your shopping list this year, two of my favorite ways to save are Rakuten and Fetch. Rakuten is a plugin for your web browser and app on your phone that gives you cash back at hundreds of online stores. And Fetch is an app that you scan your receipts to and earn points towards gift cards. I’ve really loved how easy both are to use and how generous their payouts are!

5Strands Testing for the people and pets on your gift list 5Strands Testing uses bioresonance to identify sensitivities to foods, environmental factors, and more! You mail them a small hair sample and have your results within a few weeks. These testing kits have been absolutely life changing for my family, my friends, and my friend’s dog! No more guessing which foods are not agreeing with our bodies and endlessly chasing symptoms. The tests tell you in detail what substances are setting off your body’s sensitivities currently – because they can change over time! And you can get 10% off any of the tests with code shelemah


Barefoot Shoes I’ve spent the past few years progressively switching my footwear all over to barefoot shoes and my feet have been so happy for the switch! Shoes that have a zero drop, thin flexible soles, and a footshaped toe box are so much better for building a strong foundation from the ground up! These Gracie boots from Xero are my most recent favorite pair but their are barefoot options for just about any shoe need and style you can imagine. Anya’s Reviews is an awesome site for learning more about barefoot footwear and the options available. She also has a round up of all the Black Friday barefoot shoe deals!

Twelve Days of Tapping Already feeling the holiday stress creep in? Take time for self-care and gift yourself emotional freedom! Get the tools you need to handle emotions big and small this Christmas. It may just end up truly being the most wonderful time of the year! Twelve Days of Tapping has Captive Thought Therapy inner healing exercises for emotional release themed around common holiday stressors.


Nectar Electrolyte Mix These little electrolyte mixes make the perfect stocking stuffers. If you’re looking for a way to flavor your water or just keep your electrolytes up as you hydrate these mixes from Nectar do just that without any added sugar.


Cell Salt Kit As we all try to keep our families healthy, homeopathy is a great tool to have on hand. It can be overwhelming learning all the homeopathic remedies and trying to build up a kit, but the 12 cell salts are a great form of homeopathy to start with!


Camera Privacy Screens and Aulterra EMF Stickers are great for any new devices your family receives this year. The privacy screens ensure no one is watching when you don’t want to be seen and the Aulterra EMF stickers help keep your family safe by mitigating the EMF from whatever electronic device you use it on.


Rocks Cry Out Christian Crystal Book I’ve waited for years for a book like this! I even considered writing one myself I knew there was such a need for it! Jody Thomae does a beautiful job presenting crystal healing from a Christian perspective in Rocks Cry Out. And if you want to round out a themed gift, this crystal puzzle is a fun visual complement to the book’s descriptions.


Loop Earplugs If you or the crunchy on your list are sensitive to sensory overload these earplugs help take the edge off without totally silencing the world. The Quiet earplugs are a great go-to that are available on Amazon or Loop’s new Engage earplugs available on their site are designed to not give you that echoey head sound when wearing them.


Bend Soap Company has been one of my favorites for years! Their goats milk soaps reallymake my skin happy and I love their whole holiday line of soaps, scrubs, lotions, and lip butters all made with ingredients I can feel good about!


Backpack Purse I received this purse as a gift last year and I never want to use another purse again! The straps can be worn as an over the shoulder bag or backpack and the pockets give all the organization you need without being an overwhelming mess trap. It’s even worked great for being a purse/diaper bag with enough room for my wallet and purse things as well as some diapers and wipes.


Anne of Green Gables Devotional Fall in love with this classic in a whole new way! Rachel Dodge’s devotionals pair biblical reflections chapter by chapter with beloved classic literature.


Emily Lex Truth for Today Cards I continue to love everything Emily Lex puts out! Last year I featured her watercolor workbooks but this year I want to highlight her beautifully illustrated Truth for Today scripture cards! Four different themed set options and even a little stand to display them, these cards are perfect for keeping the truth ever on our minds.

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