2023 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

Can you believe it’s been eight years of the Crunchy Christian Gift Guide?! When I started Shelemah, “crunchy” wasn’t the mainstream idea it is now. It’s so fun seeing how this community has grown and how we’ve all found one another! This year’s gift guide is a bit late thanks to the insanity of toddler mom life, but better late than never, here’s the 2023 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide! Like last year, as I’ve entered this new season of mama-hood, there’s are few crunchy Christian mama ideas for you and your littles too! Whether you need ideas for yourself or for the crunchy granola Jesus loving types on your gift list, I hope you feel encouraged to see gifts as an opportunity to bless a loved one rather than a seasonal obligation!

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Whatever is on your shopping list this year, two of my favorite ways to save are Rakuten and Fetch. Rakuten is a plugin for your web browser and app on your phone that gives you cash back at hundreds of online stores. And Fetch is an app that you scan your receipts to and earn points towards gift cards. I’ve really loved how easy both are to use and how generous their payouts are!


  1. Spiral Bible
    I’m always looking for fresh ways to engage scripture and I love how the Spiral Bible format makes it easy to read, take notes, and take with me wherever I find the time to sit and read. It’s available in three translations and of the ones they offer and they also have versions for kids with coloring pages that is a full Bible translation just at a reading level kids can understand. The Spiral Bible New Testament is on my personal wishlist this year and I’ll be giving some as gifts as well.
  2. Holy Pals PJs
    Super cute pajamas that have Bible stories and Jesus focused Christmas themes!? Yes, please! They pretty much instantly sold out of their Christmas prints this year, but they have lots of other cute prints too! I’m definitely remembering to get some matching family Christmas pajamas next year before they sell out! And if you don’t have kids you are definitely welcome to get cute Bible themed pajamas too.
  3. Everleigh Meadow Barefoot Shoes
    I have absolutely fallen in love with Everleigh Meadow! Barefoot shoes have long been my favorite, especially since 2020 staying home all year and then being pregnant and Everleigh Meadow is by far my favorite for everyday and dressier looking barefoot shoes. I wear the t-straps with a wool insole in winter and my son wears the Oxfords with a wool liner. Crystal and her mama hand make all of the shoes at home in New Jersey. Crystal is taking a break for her wedding currently but it’s absolutely worth the wait to get a pair of Everleigh Meadow shoes for yourself (or kiddos!) If you’re getting them for someone else or not sure what you want yet, a gift card is a perfect option.
  4. Jesus Heals Adhesive Bandages
    These Jesus Heals bandaids are the sweetest little reminder of who our healing comes from. I’ve loved the conversations they’ve sparked when I’ve worn one. And the opportunities they create with my son to teach him about Jesus.
  5. The Seven Mountain Parable
    After 5+ years in the making, my first children’s book released this November! The Seven Mountain Parable teaches children that they can follow Jesus in every area of life – ministry isn’t just for missionaries and pastors! I hope it blesses you and your loved ones and inspires you with new passion for the gospel! Be sure to send a proof of purchase to bonus@sevenmountainparable.com to get free coloring sheets, a memory match game, and word searches that go along with the book!
  6. Freedom Flowers Bioessences
    I’m a big fan of flower essences and am so excited about this new line of Bioessences that Freedom Flowers released this year. Their Variant, Bioease, and EMF Shield blends especially have been favs at our house. They even have a new children’s line of flower essences including some bioessences for kid specific issues like teething and colic.
  7. Rad Energy Shungite Phone Case
    It’s so hard to disconnect from our devices, but the concerns about EMF and radiation aren’t going away either, Apple even had to stop selling the iPhone 12 in France due to EMF levels. In addition to all the other steps I’ve taken to product my family and myself from EMF, this year I got a shungite phone case from Rad Energy. It’s held up really well as a case, and I really like the full plate of shungite on the back of my phone. I’ve tried other shungite options before that you stick to your phone but they always feel clunky and in the way; the Rad Energy case looks and feels just like any other case but provides EMF mitigation.
  8. Dehydrator
    One of those things you don’t realize you need, until you have it and are constantly finding new uses for it. This is the one on my wishlist this year to replace the very old handmedown one I got from my mom years ago. It has stainless steel trays, temp control, and a timer. I’ve been using my current one all fall making dehydrated apples and drying herbs and teas from our garden. Next up is dehydrating oranges for garland, can’t wait for that smell!
  9. Label Maker
    Another one of those things you don’t know you need, until you have it, and then suddenly everything in the house has cute labels and you get this sense of satisfaction and joy in being so organized. This is the label maker my bestie got me for my birthday this year. And this is the one @gocleanco on Instagram recommends (if you don’t follow her already, she’s not crunchy at all, but has great tips on cleaning that you can adapt to crunchier options).
  10. Clearly Filtered Water Bottle and Pitcher
    Clearly Filtered is the only water bottle and pitcher that removes fluoride amongst other contaminants. If an under sink or whole house filter isn’t an option for you right now, or if you’re on the go a lot and have to refill your water bottle with questionable sources, Clearly Filtered is the perfect solution. We have an under sink reverse osmosis filter so I haven’t needed Clearly Filtered personally, but we’ve considered the pitcher for my husband to take to work instead of the bottles of home filtered water he takes with him and the water bottle is on my wish list for when I’m out and about with toddler in tow.

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