My Top 4 Ultimate Christian Living Bundle Picks

Ultimate Bundles are always a great way to get an awesome deal on ebooks, courses, printables, and more, but I’m especially excited about the 2021 Ultimate Christian Living Bundle! It’s been several years since they have offered this one and you don’t want to miss it! 

50 resources worth $1,182.78 all for only $29! The Christian Living bundle includes 17 eCourses, 13 printable packs, 11 workbooks, and 9 eBooks all from Christian authors and bloggers you know and trust to help you deepen your walk with God and enrich your devotion and prayer time!

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Here a my top 4 favorite picks from the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle:

Every Thought Captive Workbook by Leah Lesesne ($50 value)

Learn how to regulate your emotions and engage your body-mind-spirit in prayer with Captive Thought Therapy tapping exercises! I’m definitely a little biased on this one, but I hope my contribution to the bundle will be one of your favorites too! This workbook gets you started using Captive Thought Therapy exercises on your own, the same exercises I use with my private clients and group sessions.

Captive Thought Therapy (CTT) is a Christian approach to healing that combines accupressure tapping with inner healing prayer, to help you take your thoughts captive and find greater breakthroughs in emotional and spiritual health.

By engaging the body in the healing process through tapping and the mind and spirit through prayer:

  • We release emotions that have been physically stored and by focusing on specific thoughts and emotions (Psalm 32:3)
  • We displace lies that have kept us stuck in faulty patterns that fall short of the abundance of health God desires for us (1 Thessalonians 5:23)
  • We submit each thought and emotion to the authority of Jesus and allow his truth to reign over our minds, souls, spirits, and bodies. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Every Thought Captive Workbook includes:

  • How to use the exercises
  • Video demos of how to do the exercises
  • Exercises for forgiveness
  • Collarbone statements for declaring truth
  • General exercise for any emotion
  • 8 additional CTT exercises for the common emotional struggles we all face
    • Rejection
    • Shame
    • Loneliness
    • Guilt
    • Grief
    • Fear
    • Depressed Feelings
    • Anger

Fruit of the Spirit Christian Yoga Series by Tracey Daniel ($77 value)

Tracey is a fellow YogaFaith teacher I had the pleasure of meeting in person last year! I was so excited to see her in the bundle too! Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or a newbie, her videos are easy to follow along with and will help you stay focused during your devotion time by giving your body a way to engage! 

What you get:

  • 7 full-length Jesus-focused YogaFaith style classes to practice at your pace and on your schedule
  • Each class is 45-55 minutes in length and focuses on a different aspect of the fruit of the Spirit.
  • Bonus section of 4 guided meditations to help you cultivate the fruit in your life with Jesus.
  • Access to a private portal where all the yoga sessions are stored and an opportunity to chat with others practicing in the series with you

The Bible Study Planner and Workbook by Melissa Tumino ($20 value)

You may recognize Melissa from her guest post about dreams. Her blog Think About Such Things is a fantastic resource for digging deeper into topical themes of scripture. The Bible Study Planner and Workbook gives you a wealth of tools and tips to get you started on your own treasure hunt (Honestly I think she’s priced it too low at $20! I’m blown away by how much good info she packed into this 191 page workbook! It’s like getting a full school of ministry or seminary course!) 

The workbook includes:

  • Bible study tips
  • Resources and tools
  • Goal setting
  • 6 Bible reading plans
  • 2 Reading checklists
  • 7 Bible study methods
  • And guides throughout to help you put it all to use!

Healing Plants of the Bible: Using Biblical Herbs for Health in Modern Times by Heidi Villegas($47 value)

Heidi Villegas of Healing Harvest Homestead has spent the past 10 years devoting her life to the study of herbal medicine and ways God designed plants for healing. This isn’t essential oils (though she covers those), this is the wisdom hidden through scripture and discovered by people of all walks through the years of how God designed plants for our benefit. This course will get you started learning about herbal remedies and their Biblical roots however you like to learn.

The course includes:

  • 7 videos teaching on herbal medicine and herbs in the Bible
  • An 82 page pdf ebook you can download for offline learning
  • Community to continue learning
  • A bonus Herbal Remedies Guide & Cheat Sheet when you subscribe to her newsletter

These four resources alone are worth $194 and you can get all of them plus 46 others for $29 in the Ultimate Christian Living Bundle! With such a good deal the bundle is only available for a limited time (March 22-25, 2021) so don’t wait to get yours! 

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