All of these testimonies are from real clients, some names have been changed to protect privacy but the quotes themselves are all their own words.

Splankna. What a fantastic and awesome breakthrough in healing. I’ve gotta be honest. I thought it was super weird the first time I heard about it and didn’t know if it would work or not. I’m here to tell you, it works! I’ve had so many old wounds conscious and subconscious healed. Leah is so great at walking you through the process and being informative. She’s peaceful and kind. I feel very safe and protected working with her. The entire thing is saturated in prayer and listening to Holy Spirit. It’s enlightening and delightful. I always feel noticeably better after a session. I feel lighter, more free and alive. God really, really moves when you’re honest and vulnerable with Him. This is such a safe and fun space to allow both of those things to happen. I definitely recommend this to any and everyone. Come expectant or don’t, God will still show up and break some serious chains.” -Lauren


Before Splankna, I had come to a place of sensing that somehow my body carried some kind of imprints of traumas I had experienced in life.  It was as though I experienced life through a filter of trauma, and feelings associated with trauma were present nearly at all times.  I made myself function as though it was not happening, in order to not jeopardize my job, but it felt tortuous. It also impacted my personal relationships, as it blocked peace and joy.

I had been praying about this sense that I was stuck in a “loop” of trauma connected feelings.  One day, I was doing research to figure out if I needed counseling, or another approach, and that is when I came across Splankna online.  I had been through counseling in the past, and I felt like I did not have the time, energy and finances to pour into many tedious sessions revisiting traumas and hoping to get resolution.  I read more about Splankna and connected with what I was reading.  In my research, I came across Leah and reached out to her.

In my first conversation with her, Leah confirmed that there could be validity to my sense that I literally carried around trauma in my body. She was the first person who grasped and validated what I now believe that God was showing to me. That was the beginning of my Splankna journey with Leah.

I have now been a Splankna client with Leah for over three years. I have experienced shifts that are subtle, yet profound. The biggest change I have seen from Splankna has been in my inner being, relationships and work. I have experienced greater peace, joy and a sense of hope, after years of residual feelings of dread due to trauma in my life. My work relationships and career improved, and all of my relationships have improved, with the healing work that God has completed in me through Splankna with Leah.  Greatest of all, is the sense of inner peace. I do not walk around feeling like I am living life through a filter of trauma related emotions anymore. There has been release, which is undeniable.”


I initially entered Splankna skeptically, because I did not want to find myself pulled off the path of biblical truth and into a non-biblical new age approach. I was quickly reassured by Leah’s clear grounding in the truth of Jesus Christ, The Holy Trinity and biblical truth. She made it clear that everything done in Splankna is submitted to and under the authority of Jesus Christ. I experienced that to be true and I felt absolute peace that I was in the will of God being with Leah in the Splankna sessions. If you’re on the fence about trying Splankna for yourself, let me assure you, you can confidently meet with Leah and experience what God uniquely has for you through Splankna, and I am certain you will come away knowing that God directed the session and uncovered what he wanted them to see, replacing lies with truth, leading through forgiveness, as needed, and clearing emotional blockages to open the pathway to living a life of freedom in Christ.” -Kimberly


Splankna has helped my relationship with God because each session confirms what I sense God is trying to show me during that season of my life.  I have sometimes been speechless with what God shows me during Splankna sessions – things that are so deeply personal and relevant, so much so that there is no way to deny God’s direction in it.  He shows me His love for me and His desire to free me and lead me to live the life of abundance for which He created me.  He grounds me more deeply in His truth, each session, leading me into deeper and deeper intimacy with Him.” -Kendal


I have Vaginismus and Splankna was able to help release tension being held in my muscles. I am still on the road to healing, but excited to have hope of recovering.” -Sarah