Why You Want Food Based Vitamins

The Vitamin Dilemma

Taking a daily vitamin is common health sense, but not all vitamins provide the health benefits we expect. Much like our modern American diet (MAD) is full of food like substances instead of actual food, our vitamins are filled with chemical versions of the vitamins and minerals we could be getting from whole foods.

The problem with these synthetic chemical vitamins is that our bodies don’t know what to do with the chemicals. We absorb some of the vitamins, but miss out on the full amounts the packaging says we should be getting.

Food Based is Best

So how can we get the vitamins our bodies need? One option is to eat a diet full of green leafy vegetables and other nutrient dense whole foods. Unfortunately even when eating as healthfully as possible we still miss out on some vitamins, so then what can you do? Food based vitamins are the answer to our nutrient woes. While a healthy whole food diet is always the first step, food based vitamins can support the gaps even in healthy eating.

Food based vitamins are different from standard vitamins because they have real food as the source of the vitamins, rather than synthetic chemical versions of the vitamins found in food. Because the vitamins are coming from food, our bodies are able to recognize the vitamins and absorb them more fully than the synthetic chemical versions. Check out this video to learn more about how food based vitamins are better for our bodies.

How to Choose a Food Based Vitamin

Now that you know food based is the way to go, how do you find a good food based vitamin? Labdoor.com has fantastic lab test based ratings on multivitamins, probiotics, and other supplements. It should be no surprise that the top ones on each list are food based. Take a look at their top multivitamin list and see if you can find your vitamins.

While I love the Garden of Life, one of my favorites that ranks high on Labdoor’s list for quality and value is the Rainbow Light Just Once Multi-vitamin. It only has to be taken once a day, is small compared to some multi-vitamins, and costs about $25 for a four month supply. While Garden of Life is awesome, their once daily multivitamins will cost you about $60 for a four month supply.

Other Nutrition Supplement Options

Another great option for getting food based supplements is a meal replacement shake like Raw Organic Meal also from Garden of Life. While it’s always best to get our nutrients from well rounded meals, shakes like this can help fill in the gaps. I love having this as an option on busy mornings when there isn’t time for a real breakfast.

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