Using the Fitbit App with Just your iPhone

Learn how to use the fitbi app with just your iphone no tracker needed

Tracking our fitness levels and calorie consumption can have a huge impact on reaching our health goals. Lots of people enjoy using a Fitbit activity tracker to help them track their steps and the Fitbit app to track calorie intake, but did you know you can use the Fitbit app without a Fitbit tracker? If you have an iPhone 5s or newer you can use your phone as your tracker and get many of the same benefits of using a Fitbit tracking device.

Here’s how to set up your iPhone in the Fitbit App:

First go to Applications and download the Fitbit app


Once it’s installed click “Join Fitbit”

Then click on “No Fitbit Yet?”

Next click on “Set Up Your Fitbit Phone”

Now it will have you set up an account with Fitbit, click “Let’s Go”

Enter your height

You Gender

Your Weight

Your Age
Your height, weight, gender, and age will all help Fitbit calculate how many calories you burn throughout the day including your basal metabolic rate. Those are the calories that you would burn even if you laid perfectly still all day.

Now enter your name, email, and create a password. This makes it super easy to login to your Fitbit account online to view your data or when you switch phones save all your previous data.

And now you’re all done! Your phone is now ready to track your daily step count through the Fitbit app! As long as you have your phone on you it will count your steps throughout the day. You can also manually track many other things through the app like calorie intake, water drank, and exercise.

And for some added fun, you can connect the Fitbit app to FaceBook to add your friends and compete in challenges against each other.
fitbittutorial7 fitbittutorial8

After using the Fitbit app with your phone for awhile you may decide it makes sense to just get a Fitbit tracker. A few days of missed steps because you forgot to carry your phone with you everywhere may have you running for the nearest Fitbit retailer. If this happens to you, I recommend the Fitbit One because it tracks steps, active minutes, flights of steps climbed, calories burned, and can also track how well and how long you sleep. I also like the Fitbit One because it goes in your pocket or clips to your waistband instead of being worn on your wrist. There have been reports of step counts not being accurate with the wrist worn trackers because of decreased arm movement when pushing carts etc.
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