Father's hand with baby's hand Father's Day prayers of blessing

Father’s Day Prayers of Blessing

Father’s Day and its counterpart, Mother’s Day, are hard to ignore in our culture. Depending on your experience, this day may bring joy, pain, or a mixture of both.  Good fathers are protectors, providers, and bestowers of identity. They make us feel safe, secure, and significant. Unfortunately good fathers are not as common as they …

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Top 10 Holistic Health Netflix Picks

Trying to find some binge-worthy Netflix? Wanting to watch something that will actually help you live healthy and free? Try one of these from my top 10 holistic health Netflix picks to nourish your body-mind-spirit. (All instant watch of course at time of posting this article, who requests DVDs anymore?)

Woman looking down in a fog

Clearing the Clouds of Confusion

Anxiety is such a common struggle in our culture, but just as common is it’s cousin confusion. We often talk of confusion as a cloud or fog. If we could just clear the air the confusion would be gone and we’d be free.

But what if just clearing away the clouds isn’t the answer to confusion? The problem with clouds is they tend to come back the next time the weather shifts.

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Setting Intentions in the New Year

January is here! Maybe you were planning for it weeks in advance, or may it crept up on you out of nowhere, but whether you made your resolutions for the year already or not, there’s still plenty of time to choose what you want this year to be about and set you intentions rather than just letting the year happen to you in a blur.

The Lies We Believe at Christmas

Identifying lies we believe and the truth that undoes them is important throughout the year. But there seem to be a special brand of lies that come creeping at Christmas time. Maybe it’s a lie that’s unique to the holiday season, or maybe it’s just a more festive version of a lie you struggle with year round. Just like a tangled mess of Christmas lights, claiming your freedom starts with unraveling what the lie is and figuring out where it ends.

Christian meditation with the Soultime app

Christian Meditation with Soultime

Sadly, many Christians have lost the practice of meditation assuming that it is a non-Christian practice. Meditation is often thought of as emptying your mind, sitting funny, and chanting om. But the word meditate actually means “to think deeply or carefully about something.” With Christian meditation we are not emptying our minds to focus on nothing. We are focusing on the truths of scripture, the presence of God, and hearing his voice clearly. That may include emptying our minds of the grocery list, emails that need responding to, and the other distracting things our minds obsess over, but it is an emptying with intent to fill.

Healing in the Hebrew Months

Ever notice how there are different seasons of life within our four seasons? We notice the slight chill in the morning air near the end of summer and know that autumn is on it’s way. We also notice the shift in store displays and how they signal the holidays to come. Rhythms of vacation, spring cleaning, and back to school all signal something about the season we are entering into.

Heaven’s Cure for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health issue in the United States. 1 in 6 adults take an anti-depressant or anti-anxiety medication. Both inside and outside the church, anxiety is a rampant issue people are desperate for relief from.

What Your Favorite Worship Song Says About You

We all may love some of the same songs but they resonate with us for different reasons. Our Enneagram type can help us understand why we love the worship songs we do and help us appreciate the songs that others love as well.

When You’ve Already Forgiven Them

A big part of inner healing work is forgiveness. Frequently I’ll have a client say, “Oh, I’ve already forgiven them,” when forgiving a certain person comes up in session. Sometimes this is a resistance to really forgiving — trying to avoid dealing with their feelings towards that person. But often it comes from a genuine place of having already done a lot of forgiveness work around that person and feeling like we are beating a dead horse to forgive them again.

Mother’s Day Prayers

Mother’s day prayers for every kind of mothering experience. No matter the relationship with your mother or your status as a mother, be blessed by these prayers this Mothers’ day.

Stages of Trauma Recovery

One of the most puzzling things new clients will tell me is, “Oh I haven’t experienced any trauma.” After they’ve listed all the things they are looking for help with — the relational issues, anxiety, crises of faith, and sleep disturbances, to a name a few, they somehow don’t understand that these symptoms came from somewhere.

4 Lessons We Learn from Seeds

Four lessons we can learn from seeds about taking care of our heart gardens and growing into the fullness of who we were created to be.

New Book! Body Coaching: Losing Weight Through Positive Self-Talk

What if you could lose weight just by talking to yourself? That’s the question we sought to answer as my co-author and I went on the journey of writing our new book, Body Coaching: Losing Weight Through Positive Self-Talk. We weren’t interested in just another diet or weight loss plan, we wanted to know what it would look like to address weight issues through inner healing, dealing with emotional roots, and bringing our bodies, minds, and spirits into alignment.

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