What Your Favorite Worship Song Says About You

Each Enneagram number's favorite worship song

The short version of this post would just say “Good Good Father” for all the Enneagram numbers. When I surveyed each Enneagram’s favorite worship songs, at least one person from each number picked it as their favorite.

It seems Pat Barrett and Housefires found the perfect combination of all our core needs and wrapped them up in one song. It’s no wonder that from time to time a certain song just seems to capture all of our hearts.

We all may love some of the same songs but they resonate with us for different reasons. Our Enneagram type can help us understand why we love the worship songs we do and help us appreciate the songs that others love as well.

Take this quiz if you need help finding your Enneagram type.

Enneagram Type 1’s Favorite Worship Song

Ones like order and structure. As reformers they like songs that speak to God’s never ending capacity to make all things new and bring His Kingdom to earth and remind them that He is a strong leader they can follow. “King of My Heart” by Steffany Gretzinger is a great example of a one’s favorite worship song. “Thank You” by Jonathan Hesler

Enneagram Type 2’s Favorite Worship Song

Twos like songs that speak of healing, salvation, forgiveness, and the miraculous. As helpers, they love songs that speak of Holy Spirit – our helper and the ways that God helps us even in our darkest places. “Miracles” by Chris Quilala is a great example of a two’s favorite song. “You Came (Lazarus)” by Jonathan and Melissa Hesler and “Spirit Move” by Kalley Heiligenthal are two other examples.

Enneagram Type 3’s Favorite Worship Song

Threes like songs that are classic and have stood the test of time. As achievers they like songs that have proven they are worth singing, songs that speak of what God has done and is doing and express their desire to grow closer to Him. “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)” by Chris Tomlin is a great example of a three’s favorite song. “Set a Fire” by Will Reagan and United Pursuit, “Come Thou Fount” by Kings Kaleidoscope, and “It Is Well” by Bethel Music are another examples.

Enneagram Type 4’s Favorite Worship Song

Fours like songs that are deeply intimate and make them feel seen and uniquely understood by God. As individualists, it’s important to them to feel personally known by God and significant to Him. “You Know Me” by Steffany Gretzinger is a great example of a four’s favorite worship song. “No One Else” by Cory Ashbury and Laura Hackett Park is another example.

Enneagram Type 5’s Favorite Worship Song

Fives like songs that describe factual information about who God is and the things he has done. As investigators, fives like evidence that awakens a wonder at God’s glory and songs that incorporate lines of scripture. “So I Will” by Hillsong United is a great example of a five’s favorite song. “Storm All Around You” by Jon Thurlow is another great example.

Enneagram Type 6’s Favorite Worship Song

Sixes like songs that affirm their belonging, safety, and identity and relieve their underlying anxiety. As loyalists, they love songs that remind them that their loyalty is not misplaced, that God is their protector, and they have value for being themselves. “Who You Say I Am” by Hillsong is a great example of a six’s favorite song. “I’m No Victim” by Kristene Dimarco and “Peace” by Hillsong Young and Free are other great examples.

Enneagram Type 7’s Favorite Worship Song

Sevens like the popular, big, epic songs that we all know and love. As enthusiasts, sevens love the worship songs that are full of energy and sweep you up in emotion and remind us that God is fun. “Reckless Love” by Cory Ashbury and Bethel Music is a great example of a seven’s favorite song. “Oceans” by Hillsong United and “This is What You Do” by Matt Stinton are other examples.

Enneagram Type 8’s Favorite Worship Song

Eights like songs that remind us that God is good, righteous, and trustworthy. As protectors with a high value for justice, they connect with worship songs that remind them that God can be trusted as a better judge and protector than themselves and that they can show mercy and compassion to others just like God does. “For the One” by Jenn Johnson is a great example of an eight’s favorite song. “This is How I Fight My Battles” by Upperroom and “Mercy” by Amanda Cook are two other great examples.

Enneagram Type 9’s Favorite Worship Song

Nines like songs that speak of unity, salvation, and redemption. As peacemakers they love to be reminded of the freedom and peace we already have access to thanks to the cross and the peace and unity to come in heaven. “The War is Over” by Josh Baldwin is a great example of a nine’s favorite worship song. “Every Nation (Every Soul)” by Lindy Conant and the Circuit Riders and “Make us One” by Chris Quilala are other great examples.


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