Top 10 Holistic Health Netflix Picks

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Trying to find some binge-worthy Netflix? Wanting to watch something that will actually help you live healthy and free? Try one of these from my top 10 holistic health Netflix picks to nourish your body-mind-spirit. (All instant watch of course at time of posting this article, who requests DVDs anymore?) List updated February 2019. 

Top 10 Holistic Health Netflix Picks

Tidying Up with Mari Kondo on Netflix

1 ) Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (mind and body) 
Join families on their journey to a cleaner and more organized home with bestselling author and professional organizer Marie Kondo.

She comes into hectic, stressful spaces and walks families through the processes of letting go, cleaning out, and putting to order the accumulations of their life.

Learn the steps you can take to declutter your home and mind, bring peace to the stress, and own your stuff again instead of it owning you.

Love Your Garden on Netflix

2) Love Your Garden (body, mind and spirit) 

Gardening has benefits for body, mind, and spirit and watching others garden seems to be no different.

Landscape designer Alan Titchmarsh and his group of horticulturists and horticultural therapists work together to give struggling families an outdoor space that works for them.

This talented group finds creative ways to produce accessible gardens while taking time to get to know who the garden is for and what brings them joy.

If you love British accents, gardening shows, hearing people’s stories, and want to see how gardening can be done with accessibility in mind, this is the show for you. 

Finished it too quickly? Check out Big Dreams, Small Spaces with Monty Don. 

Heal Documentary on Netflix

3) Heal (body and mind) 

A fascinating documentary full of testimonials of the minds power to heal the body.

But it is not all feelings and experiences, the science behind this growing phenomenon is explained and discussed as well.

What I love is that this is not a documentary telling you to reject western medicine but rather encouraging you to incorporate these life changing practices into your life and into your treatment for a holistic approach to health and wellness.  

The Case for Christ on Netflix

4) The Case for Christ (mind and spirit) 

Based on a true story and book written by Lee Strobel about his own experience as an investigative journalist setting out to prove that God isn’t real.

Lee is taken on an intellectual and emotional rollercoaster as this proves to be more difficult than he originally expected.

As he presses into his investigation he is challenged personally and professionally and forced to face his own demons. Highly recommend reading the book as well.   

A Little Princess movie cover

5) A Little Princess (soul and spirit)

Based on the novel of same name by Frances Hodgson Burnett, this movie has been one of my favorites since childhood.

It’s the movie I cuddle up with Jesus and watch, especially when I need to be reminded who he says I am.

The story follows Sara Crewe, raised in India with her British captain father, and sent to a New York boarding school while her father is sent off to World War 1.

An unfortunate turn of events try to steal Sara’s confidence in her identity, but she ultimately clings to the truth of who she is and sets others free in their identities along the way. 

The Paleo Way on Netflix

6) The Paleo Way (body and mind) 

Even if you aren’t sold on the paelo diet, have you ever wondered how the food you eat can affect not only your physical health, but mental health as well? Look no further!

Pete Evens Takes you on a journey to find delicious and nutritious food while meeting with experts in health, farming, and science from around the world. Hear stories of chronic illness meeting real food diets and the transformations that follow.  

Already watched it or in the mood for something a little different? Check out Salt Fat Acid Heat or Cooked. 

Lion on Netflix

7) Lion (mind and soul) 

A beautiful, feel good movie that lifts the spirits.

Through unforeseen circumstances, a young Indian boy finds himself alone, far from home, and in an orphanage.

Go on a beautiful journey of hope as this now grown man searches for his long-lost family in an unfamiliar country he hasn’t seen since childhood.

This too is based on a book which is another great read.  

AD Kingdom and Empire on Netflix

8) A.D. Kingdom and Empire (mind and spirit) 

Take a step back into the time after Jesus crucifixion.

Experience the clash of cultures between the Roman Empire, the Jewish people, and the followers of Jesus through one of the most exciting times in history.

This would be a fun show to watch to compliment personal Bible/book study.

Some recommended reading (besides a good Study Bible): Christian History Made Easy by Timothy Paul Jones or if you’re looking for something a bit more challenging Victorious Eschatology by Eberle & Trench.  

Magic School Bus on Netflix

9) Magic School Bus (mind and spirit) 

Need a little nostalgic joy in your life. Throw on a childhood favorite and relax. Its fun for the whole family and with how educational it is, you don’t have to beat yourself up about screen time for the kiddos.

There now are two versions of the series on Netflix: the original that all 20-30 somethings will remember and The Magic School Bus Rides Again that came out in 2018.

And since we’re apparently all about books on this list too, don’t forget there’s also a whole series of Magic School Bus books

Bob Ross on Netflix

10) Chill with Bob Ross and Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere (mind)  

Let your mind unwind with the soothing voice and naturescapes of Bob Ross.

No judgment here, sometimes you just need to see “happy little trees” popping up on a hill.

Life is hard. And Netflix has got your back.

And not a book, but this Bob Ross board game is too awesome to not mention. 


And for even more binge-worth watches you can feel good about check out PureFlix a Christian video streaming service with all family friendly content.

They are beginning to produce more of their own films and shows including their new film Unplanned releasing March 29, 2019 in theaters. 

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