5 Ways to Restart Your Resolution

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Restart your New Year's resolution

January is officially over. Which means for many of us we have officially failed to keep our New Year’s resolutions. But there is good news! Just because you weren’t as successful in January as you hoped to be, does not mean you have to give up! Now is a great time to restart that resolution and reflect back over the past month on what did and didn’t work. Maybe a counselor or life coach can help you really get your resolution back on track, or maybe you just need a reminder to sit down and actually get a game plan together for how you are going to keep your resolution.

Here are 5 tips to help you restart your resolution(s):

1. Reflect:

Spend some time thinking over the past month looking at what was going well with keeping your resolution, and what obstacles you faced that led to you not keeping it.

2. Regroup: 

Now that you’ve identified some obstacles, think about why they got the better of you and come up with some other ways to get around them. Part of why those obstacles beat you this past month is that you didn’t see them coming, or didn’t realize how hard they would be to overcome. Now that you see them coming you can come up with better ways to handle them.

3. Reaffirm: 

Think back over why this resolution is important to you and write out what the benefits of keeping this resolution will be and what the consequences of not keeping it will be.

4. Restart: 

Now you are ready to go at it again! You can do this! Give yourself a fresh start! January was not a waste or a failure, January was a chance to really see how important this resolution is to you, the rest of the year is for making it happen. Get people you trust to keep you accountable and go for it!

5. Repeat: 

There’s no guarantee you are going to instantly be better at keeping this resolution, so don’t give up if February doesn’t feel much better. Making changes takes time and the bigger the change, the longer the time it is going to take to actually stick. So if you find yourself struggling to keep your resolution at the end of February too go back to to step 1 and reflect. You can do this. You may need some help along the way, but what ever your resolution, it IS possible!

I’ve put together a workbook that will help coach you through restarting your resolution; to look at those resolutions and come up with a SMART goal and a plan for how to achieve it.

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