Indestructible: Fight Your Spiritual Battles from the Winning Side – Book Review

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Ever notice how the language of spiritual warfare typically assume the underdog position? In one breath the same person may tell you the battle is already won, while also lamenting how defeated they feel spiritually and how afraid they are of the enemy. What if we could shift that entire paradigm of thinking and start fighting our spiritual battles from heaven’s perspective?

Indestructible: Fight Your Spiritual Battles from the Winning Side is the latest book from Blake Healy, author of The Veil and Profound Good. Since he was a child, Blake has seen in the spirit with his natural eye just like he sees the natural world. For decades he was reluctant to share what he saw about the work of the enemy and demons because of the bad results that seemed to come every time he did. 

I have always had a hard time talking about demons. This is not because they are too frightening or because I am worried about some kind of backlash; it is because most people are either so frightened by the topic that they would rather avoid it completely or so focused on it that I am hesitant to stoke the fires of their fixation. Also, I find it difficult to give attention to the plans and purposes of the enemy when there are so many plans and purposes of heaven to be seen.”  -Blake Healy, Indestructible pg. xvii

But in recent years, God taught Blake how to communicate what he’s seeing about the schemes of the enemy in a way that empowers people for healing and victory instead of giving undue attention to the demonic. His hope for Indestructible is that it teaches,” you how to understand and outmatch the plots of the enemy while championing the plans of heaven.” (pg. xx)

Indestructible by Blake Healy

Indestructible – Four Parts

Context and Fundamentals

This part covers Blake’s history with spiritual warfare and some experiences God used to teach him about what he was seeing. And he gives three fundamentals of spiritual warfare that form a foundation for the rest of the book’s teaching. 

Tactics and Traps

In this section, Blake explains six common attacks the enemy uses, some signs you may be under each type of attack, and recommended resources to help you win the battle. The stories he tells with each type of attack paint a powerful picture of how we really do have the upper hand in any and every spiritual attack.

I found the wisdom Blake shares in this section instantly helpful. I realized how much distractions were keeping me from even reading the book and writing this review. As soon as I recognized the distractions for what they were I was able to focus clearly. 

Becoming Indestructible

In all of his writing and teaching, Blake has such a gift of empowering the reader to connect with God in their own way. While he believes that seeing in the spirit is a gift that is available to anyone, he doesn’t believe it is necessary to enter the fullness of intimate relationship and communication with God. In this section he highlights three keys to stewarding our connection with God and how these keys make us indestructible to the spiritual attacks that may come our way.

The Winning Side

This last section shifts focus entirely away from what the enemy is up to and advances into the plans of heaven Blake sees available to us all. I hope one day, he expands on the material in this chapter in its own book. The depth in this last section is enough to drink revelation from for many years. Blake describes the teaching in this section as, “the most effective and lasting form of spiritual warfare I’ve seen.” (pg. 164) And it clear why this approach is so powerful. 

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The Battle is Already Won

While the book is focused on spiritual warfare, Blake reveals countless insights into inner healing, emotional struggles, and finding personal freedom from torment. If you have felt stuck and like you are constantly under attack no matter how much you pray, read your Bible, or go to church, you will find immense hope and victory in these pages.

Blake tells the story of a soldier who continued to fight for decades after WW2 had ended because he had’t gotten the news. “The soldier was cut off from the chain of command. Because of this he spent a huge portion of his life fighting a battle that was already over. I know many Christians who have spent way too much time fighting battles that Jesus already won on the cross. They exhaust themselves fighting for a victory that already belongs to them.” (pg. 26)

It’s time to stop letting our peace be stolen and claim the victories that are already ours. I highly recommend this book and will be using the teaching in it with all of my clients. I am so excited to see the shift in church culture as these teachings take root and spread. 

Shelemah Tribe

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