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We’re all trying to be the healthiest we can body, mind, and spirit, but sorting through all the resources we need to reach our goals can feel overwhelming. There are so many good options and the costs can add up quickly. But there is hope! Ultimate Bundles are an amazing opportunity to get lots of great curated resources for a really big discount.

The Women’s Wellness Ultimate Bundle has over $4,000 worth of healthy living courses, workbooks, printables, and ebooks to support you in every aspect of your healthy living journey for only $37. It’s only available February 5th-10th 2020, so don’t wait because when it’s gone it’s gone! I’ve searched through the Women’s Wellness Ultimate Bundle to find my top five picks you don’t want to miss.
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My Favorite Resources from the Women’s Wellness Ultimate Bundle

1) Wellness from Within: Five Emotional Release Exercises

Women's Wellness Ultimate Bundle Wellness from Within

I’m definitely a bit biased on this one since it’s the resource I contributed to the bundle, but I really believe you’ll find this resource to be one of your favorites too! The printable pdf workbook gives you a taste of what it’s like working with me as a client with Captive Thought Therapy emotional release exercises for five different emotions plus exercises for forgiveness and connecting with truth. You’ll learn how to use tapping in your everyday routine to help build emotional stability and freedom. The workbook is only available in the bundle so don’t wait! You won’t be able to get it after February 10th 2020!

2) The Healthy Habit Planner 

Healthy Habit Planner Women's Wellness Ultimate Bundle

Brandice Lardner of The Grace Filled Plate is a deep well of wisdom for finding true food freedom. The Healthy Habit Planner walks you through 12 weeks of goal setting and building healthy habits around food and exercise. This is not just another diet plan. This is going deep into breaking the unhealthy habits we all battle and creating new sustainable habits for health. You’ll get plenty of worksheets and an online hub full of audio/video resources and peer support to help you along the way.

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3) The Basics of Holistic Herbalism Course

Holistic Herbalism Women's Wellness Ultimate Bundle

This e-course from Huckleberry Mountain Botanicals is full of in depth resources and training to get your started with herbal medicine. It covers botany, the basics of a holistic approach, how to choose your materials and prepare herbal remedies, and some basic remedies for common ailments. While the course itself is awesome, I’m excited about this resource simply because of its amazing library of reference materials that I’m sure to be digging into for months to come. 

4) Naked: Botanical Recipes for Vibrant Skin and Healthy Hair

Botanical Recipes ebook Women's Wellness Ultimate Bundle

Once you get the basics of herbalism down with the course above, this ebook from Green Path Herb School is a great next step in using herbal remedies. It has over 50 recipes for herbal preparations to support healthy skin and hair and an in-depth guide to the various ingredients available and the best uses for each. If you’ve wanted to detoxify your beauty routine this is an amazing resource to start making your own lotions, face wash, toner, moisturizer, sunscreen, bath salts, hair rinses, scrubs, and more.

5) Foundations of Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Women's Wellness Ultimate Bundle Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue

Even if you don’t struggle with chronic pain or fatigue, this yoga e-course is great for getting started with a gentle exercise routine that meets you where you’re at physically. If you’ve wanted to try yoga but have been intimidated by the complicated poses this course is for you! Melissa walks you step-by-step through a basic yoga routine with tons of modifications for every skill level plus restorative poses you can use to relax before bed. 

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