Taking Discipleship out of the Coffee Shop

Take discipleship out of the coffee shop and into everyday life

Discipleship can be quite the buzzword sometimes. We all want to be discipled, we know that we should be discipling, we see the value of discipleship in building missional communities and yet actually living out the discipleship model often feels elusive.

When you think about discipling someone, what environment comes to mind? A coffee shop maybe? Sitting down across from one another for some focused time together discussing life’s challenges and mysteries?

But let’s be honest, how much time do we have in our lives to sit down for an hour or so over coffee?

Often even if we do want to find a setting other than coffee shops to connect with others it is hard to know where to look. This post will give you five tips on how you can do life-on-life discipling and take the conversations out of the coffee shop.

The rest of this guest post I wrote for 3DM can be found at Discipling Culture

3DM seeks to train leaders in discipleship and missional community models. They are active across the US and the world with locations in Europe, South America, and Australia. Leaders such as Jo Saxton and Mike Breen have been a driving force behind the 3DM movement. Learn more at their website.

Trying to find a more life on life approach to discipleship? Learn how to take the conversations out of the coffee shop.

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