Splankna Therapy in Atlanta

Splankna Therapy in Atlanta

Splankna Therapy is a Christian approach to holistic healing that incorporates tapping, NET (Neuro emotive technique), and EMDR combined with prayer and forgiveness to clear emotions stored in the meridian system. It is the gentlest and most efficient method of inner healing I have found. There is no need to process or remember traumatic events to clear the emotional triggers created by that trauma and most sessions are tear-free with very little emotional distress.

Splankna uses muscle testing and a chart of emotions to identify the emotions that need to be cleared related to a specific trauma. The client then holds the acupressure points on their own body associated with those emotions to clear the emotional block. Like tapping, Splankna uses the combination of touch and focused thought to resolve blocks in the meridian system. Because muscle testing involves touch, the practitioner touching the back of your wrist, Splankna is a protocol that must be done in person.

More information about this therapy can be found at the Splankna Therapy Institute.

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