Crunchy Christian woman holding Christmas gift wrapped with burlap and decorating with pinecones

2020 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

I must confess, I’m usually a bit of a bah-humbug. I don’t like decorating or celebrating Christmas until the day after Thanksgiving. (Shopping is another story – I gift shop year round) But this year we all need as much joy and celebration as we can get! So crank up the Christmas carols and break …

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Untangling lights as a metaphor for untangling lies

The Lies We Believe at Christmas

Identifying lies we believe and the truth that undoes them is important throughout the year. But there seem to be a special brand of lies that come creeping at Christmas time. Maybe it’s a lie that’s unique to the holiday season, or maybe it’s just a more festive version of a lie you struggle with …

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Natural wrapped gift

2018 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! Whether you turned on the Christmas music November 1st and have your list and shopping all done before Black Friday or you prefer to wait for the exhilarating rush of getting it all done on Christmas Eve, you’ve likely got a list of loved ones you’re looking for gifts to …

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My favorite Christmas gift: prophetic words of encouragement from my father

My Favorite Christmas Gift

On Christmas day there is always one present that I rush to open before anything else. It’s not under the tree or in my stocking, but on the fireplace mantle there’s a little framed card that has become my favorite Christmas gift. This gift isn’t expensive, flashy, or bought in a store, but it’s the …

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5 tips for a stress free holiday season

5 Tips for Holiday Self Care

The Holidays may be the “most wonderful time of the year“, but for many of us they are also the most stressful time of the year! The thought of holiday self care may feel out of reach, but implement a few of these tips and you will be closer to a silent night than a Griswold …

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2016 Crunchy Christian holistic health gift guide

2016 Crunchy Christian Gift Guide

You know the health nuts and crunchy Christians on your list want more than kale for Christmas! This holistic health gift guide will have you at the top of the thank you card list and maybe even attracting some crunchy converts too. 1. Fitbit Zip: Keep track of your step count and compete with friends …

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